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The Alchemist Code is a mobile RPG published by Square Enix that was launched in Japan on July 27, 2018. 

The game is set in a world with three realms: the Human World, the Man-made World and the Untamed World. 

A team of six players can band together to work together and tackle quests in these realms to defeat evil.

The alchemist code tier list is an expanded version of the alchemist code tier list published by the official Alchemists. 

This tier list uses a point system to rate each monster, including boss type monsters, with 1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest. 

The list is separated into two categories- Yggdmillennia’s favor and Human World strength.

Where the original alchemist code tier list only had five tiers for potions, this one has seven. 

The potions are separated into sub-categories by sub-type, subtype sub-category, sub-sub type, sub-sub sub-category and so forth until you reach the Sixth type of potions which are organized into different flavors. 

To clarify the potion system in The Alchemist Code, all potions have a point value based on its power, akin to a typical RPG with low level healing potions being 1-2 points, medium level ones being 3-4 points and high level ones being 5-6. 

The special thing about the alchemist code tier list is that the effects of each type of potion are combined; if you get 6 recovery potions you will get 6 recovery points for your recovery stat.

This table shows the breakdown of all seven potion tiers:

1. General knowledge

There are two versions of the alchemist code tier list; this one which is separated by favor and Human World strength.

 Favor is determined by the number of alchemist codes you have in your possession and Human World strength is determined by a player’s Strength stat.

The highest tier is 10, which means that you cannot get any potions higher than that. 

This is because the tier list for this game is set up in a way that if you use up all your alchemist codes, no more potions can be created until you save at a save point.

2. Yggdmillennia’s Favor

Yggdmillennia, the goddess of creation has chosen you individually.

3. Human World Strength

The strongest among you, the most powerful of all. Human World Strength is only obtainable by those with high or without any alchemist codes at all.

 The rank is determined by the player’s human world strength stat, which determines how much damage it takes before receiving a 1-star drop and can be increased by consuming potions and Chewing Potions section below.

 Leveling up the human world strength causes you to gain more and more power and allows you to defeat stronger and stronger enemies until reaching a point where not even super powerful attacks will kill you.

 The higher your human world strength, the higher the level of the monsters you must defeat to reach that 10th tier.

4. 1-star drop

A drop 1-star which is obtained after defeating a very powerful monster, but you still maintain your HP and stamina. 

You will also receive an item related to that monster as a reward. You can only get 1-star drops from monsters with a 1-star ranking. 

The abilities of these potions are generally slightly stronger than normal potions, but they’re far weaker than full potions and require you to use them more often than normal potions do.

5. 2-Star drop

A drop 2-star which shows a break in the chart above. You’ll get a bonus item from that monster, but you’ll lose HP and stamina as before. 

If you’re not strong enough to defeat the boss, you can’t get any better drops from this monster and will need to use a 1-star drop again.

6. 3-Star drop

A drop 3-star which is obtained from defeating a very powerful boss monster, but the same thing applies as above, though it’s even more severe. 

The bonus item will be even better than the 2-star drop, but if you’re not strong enough to defeat the boss, you won’t be able to get any better drops from this monster and will need to use a 1-star drop again.

7. 4-Star drop

A drop 4-star obtained from defeating a very powerful boss monster, but the same thing applies as above except for being so powerful that once you take even a small amount of damage it’s game over for you!

 The bonus item will be so good that it’ll almost fully heal your HP and stamina! With this level of items, it’s impossible to die in battle. You can only obtain this type of item by defeating an Elite Monster.


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