Vistaprint Beauty Business Cards.


What is a vistaprint jamberry?

Jamberry is a direct sales company that specializes in nail wraps. They are salon quality, durable wraps that fit your fingers and toes. They offer a wide range of nail wraps to choose from. You might be more interested in the wraps that last 10 days or so, while others may be more interested in 20-day wraps (both are vinyls). The company’s motto is ”fashionable, easy and fun”.

Use of the card:

1. Email address of the person you want to send to (use their surname)

2. Email address of the person you want them to receive from (use their first name)

3. Your jamberry information which includes: what type of wrap you have – 10, 20 or 30 day, number of wraps, the name of your design and your order date if known.

4. The vistaprint jamberry contact information which also includes: phone number, email address and company website/Facebook page if available (if using social media).

5. Statement telling them how to get in touch with you if they have a query or need help with your order.

Importance of the card:

The importance of the card is to give them a visual as to what they can expect and make sure they get in contact with you if there is a problem. I recommend you print off a few copies, just in case one gets lost or damaged or for the people who love the design and want to ”share it” with their friends and everyone deserves a chance at having their own vistaprint jamberry.

Advantages of the card:

1. It gives them a visual as to what they can expect.

2. The card is associated with the vistaprint jamberry website, if they are sold on the product and would like it for themselves, then all they have to do is go on to the site and purchase it.

3. I find that having a nice looking card helps in getting people to stop, take it and read it without thinking ”junk mail” or ”spam”. We all have had that feeling of opening our letter box and reaching for those double sided business cards that get thrown out before we even open them (unless you are in sales).


1. The card isn’t too eye-catching (the jamberry products are pretty funky, there is no need to have a cute and colorful card for such products).

2. If the person has a bad experience with them, then you will not be able to contact them by email or phone number. You may need to do a postcard to let them know that their order has not been processed due to an error on your side and that they will receive a full refund (in this case I would either send it through the post, give it directly to the post office at their local branch and put it in an envelope with a stamp on it).

3. There is no contact information on the card.

4. If the person doesn’t take it or do anything with it, then it’s just ”junk mail”.

5. The card is viewed by the public, which means that if you are not sending a message, a ”vistaprint jamberry” can be read by anyone who may have picked up the card and this will deter people from wanting to go out of their way to contact you as they may then think you are a spammer and will never want to buy anything from you in the future.

6. The cost of producing 1000 cards ($150 + est.) isn’t too bad (much cheaper than producing 1000 business cards).

Why should we make this card?

There are many benefits to making this card, most of which are to get people to take it and read it (the aim of the exercise is to stop nosy passers-by, i.e. people who don’t want to stop but pass by and may pick up the card and think ‘junk mail’).

It’s a great way of letting people know that you specialize in what you do, something that will give them an idea about your products, how much you care about customer service and how professional you are. It shows them what they can expect from your organisation and gives them the chance to have a ”jamberry”.

Cost of the card:

The cost of this card was $150 which includes 1000 cards. This was the lowest price I could find and they have provided excellent service. I accessed the website ( ) and did my research, filled out the details on their site (for people who use a computer to type) or used their online design center to make my own business card draft which they then emailed me a PDF of so that I could save it, print it off and have it printed however I prefer. After paying $150 + est., which included $100 for 1000 cards and $50 for delivery, my business card order arrived in a matter of days (ostensibly within 3 days).

Is it worth the money?

Yes I believe it is. The card (on average) will last 10 days, as my jamberry was a 10-day wrap and at the time of writing this article it says that the wraps last for 5-8 days, which is around what mine has lasted so far. I think in practice, everyone would take the card for 10 days to see how the vistaprint jamberry works on their life and if they like it then they can go on to purchase their own from the company website ( ).

How can you send this card to others?

You can create a business card and send it out to 1000 people, who will have it read by 999 people. To do this you need to:

1. Print off 1000 business cards;

2. Go to our local post office and print off a stamp;

3. Label the cards with the information you have on them (your company details, website etc.) so that they know exactly where to send it;

4. Send the cards out;

5. Have them read by 999 people (so that 999 of your 1000 readers take the card, are able to see what it says and then 998 choose not to take it, 997 of which may choose not to come back as spam spam spam).


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