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Wall Decor Ideas are everywhere. We have these endless ad campaigns, magazine covers, television commercials, catalogs, and magazines to pick up the next Wall Street Journal book on “must have” decorating schemes. As much as we are influenced by these ideas, it is not exactly what we want in our living spaces. For one thing, hanging decorations are often too heavy and clunky. Then there is the question of whether hanging decorations are even allowed in some places. 

Tips For Decorate Your Walls

Here are some ideas for refreshing your space without adding an unsightly pile of decorations in the process.

Stylish Centerpiece -This list is not exhaustive but includes some great and stylish centerpieces for stripping bare walls and turning those bare walls into a stylish centerpiece for any room. The key to using this set of wall decor ideas to refresh your space is to use simple color schemes that add interest while still maintaining a contemporary atmosphere. This is done by choosing colors that are neutral yet eye-catching, yet still unique enough to stand out and create an original piece of artwork.

Photo Blanket -One of the best pieces of this list of 27 wall decor ideas to refresh your space is a photo blanket. A photo blanket is a simple idea that creates a beautiful collage of photographs that you can display around your empty walls in any room. You simply place the blanket over the images you want to use and then take the pictures out so that they can be placed back where they belong. A range of comforter sizes offers versatility in your room’s color scheme. They are available in a range of colors, patterns, and sizes to coordinate with the rest of your decorative choices for your living space. 

Fabric Art -Another idea for using wall decor ideas to refresh your space is to use fabric art. Fabric artworks in the form of tapestries, prints, or rugs are perfect to refresh empty walls in any home. These types of designs work well to help you refresh a feeling for life in a very fresh way. They also give a feeling of warmth and coziness that is lacking from many homes today. If you need some inspiration for incorporating such art into your home, there are many stores that carry a wide selection of these items including antique malls, department stores, home improvement centers, and local specialty shops as well.

Put Large Paintings -One of the best wall decor ideas to refresh your space is to put up some fresh paintings on your walls. Tapestries and other large paintings that are hung on the wall look nice, but take up a lot of space. A painting not only gives you a decorative edge, but it also works to remind people of something warm and comforting. This is why you see so many people with pictures on their walls, whether they have them framed or not. Hanging a painting above your sofa is a great way to make sure that your area looks inviting and welcoming.

Stained Glass Window -Other great wall decor ideas to refresh your space are stained glass windows, which can be lovely additions around the house. You can add the appearance of history or culture through these windows, which can be found in most traditional houses. There are also modern stained glass window replacements that work well as well. These can give your house a sleek, stylish appearance that is sure to please everyone who walks through your doors.

New Memory RV full-size mattresses are made with the same foam as a regular mattress, wrapped in an aerated plastic covering. This makes it lightweight. So why not take the new RV mattress whenever you travel to make new memories? It will give your crafty heart room for decorating creativity.

Nature Related Photos -Another way to bring your living space up to date is to hang new artwork. If you love nature, you may want to hang some wildlife or nature scenes on your walls, including a bird or flower drawing. This type of wall decor idea will help to get you inspiration for new designs, which will help to keep your place looking new all of the time.

Headboards And Borders -This is a great way to add movement to a wall. It’s a perfect addition to bedroom decorating ideas, living room decorating ideas, or apartment decorating ideas. Show your personality with an elegant damask design featured in soft shades or mix it up with bold stripes in bright colors. Fill your space with chic style by adding bedroom headboard frames from Pottery Barn Kids. Drawing inspiration from the quality linens you need for bedding can help you incorporate color-driven decorative pieces into your home décor so that no matter where the eye wanders while exploring your place, there will be beautiful accents wherever they land. 

Wallpapers -Walls can be brightened up in many ways, like adding colorful wallpaper. I’ve got a personal favorite called ‘Pink Feminine Floral’ which is perfect for people who love pink or want to make their space girly. 


When it comes to decorating, you have a lot of options. Whether your style is traditional or modern, many ways can liven up any space and give it personality! The best way to find the perfect wall art for your home? Do what feels right for you. If you’re feeling inspired by something from history- go with it! Or if an abstract painting speaks to your soul- don’t be afraid to get creative! What do you think makes a room come alive? Let us know in the comments below so we can all get some fresh ideas on how we can turn our homes into havens of happiness and creativity.

It’s time to liven up your space. You can’t go wrong with these wall art ideas that are sure to make you happy every day. Hang them in the front of your house for a welcome mat, or place them on your desk at work as a reminder. 


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