We are here to help you Installing your wall hung basin

your wall hung basin
your wall hung basin

A wall hung basin provides a great way to maximise the space in your bathroom. But you must verify that you secure the path to the wall correctly. This will ensure that you and others can securely use it without damaging wall itself. Try to employ a handyman if you are intimidated by the procedure. It is a good idea to get someone to help you if you want to do this. 

A second-hand pair will help the installation of the wall hanging basin. They can hold it while you put the first fasteners in place. It can be difficult to do all of this on your own, and the risk of harm increases. To start with a measuring tape and level, you will need several basic tools. 

Measure available space 

Take the time to make sure the measurements are correct. You must get a clear understanding of the total room that you have. Such measurements will allow you to purchase the right product. When it comes to a wall hung basin there are different styles and sizes. You must know that where you want it to go, it will suit. And you can also plan a vanity unit with the basin. 

Define the height 

One of the enormous advantages of a hanging wall basin is how big you would like it to be on the wall. You may decide that if you are on the tall or short side you want it to be right for your height. The normal height can also be used and standardised. It depends everything you want to acquire from the configuration. 

Assessment of the type of structure behind the wall 

If it is hollow, you cannot secure a hung wall basin to a well. Behind that you must find the studs for a support system. If no, action must be taken to attach bolts to the walls. You will have to ensure that the type of bolts used for this wall material is designed to be used. 

If you do not know these details, spend some time online. You will also see videos from websites to learn how to correctly mount a hanging wall basin. You need to think about the product once you have the right materials.

The Fasteners for the Product and the Wall

The product should be fastened to the wall with the appropriate fasteners. Make sure they fit well with this kind of wall material. Before you buy the product, it is wise to evaluate all this and get answers to any questions.

Mark the Wall

You must ensure that you mount it at level or that it does not look good and the water does not flow as it should. Use a level to mark both ends and middle of the wall. Then you can easily match the points. Secure it and ensure that you do not move from the marked places. 

To ensure that it is done right, follow all other directions that come with your product. Contact the company to seek more assistance if you have concerns. Make sure you buy a product which is well-made, and which will look amazing and last long. You do not want to have any issues with it once you have it installed. In this regard, the Royal bathrooms has a team of professionals who offers free guidance for the proper installation of the products. Likewise, they provide the quality products for designing a modern bathroom including wall hung basin UK, toilets, showers, enclosures and much more. The company also assure services of free home delivery and exchanging the product in case of any damage. Have a nice day!


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