what does lyl mean in snapchat?

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may gauthier Dm6bpLZi238 unsplash

A hashtag is a word or phrase followed by a pound sign (#). Hashtags are often used in social media to identify posts on certain topics. 

Snapchat doesn’t have any built in hashtags, but you can add one by typing the # symbol in front of any word or phrase.

 It’s important to note that Snapchat will search for the most recent object that was snapped, 

so you’ll want to be careful when selecting your words. what does lyl mean when texting

#Snapchat’s Newest Feature Explained

Recently, Snapchat has released their newest update which allows users to create “live stories” with their friends and followers.

 With this new feature, you can create a clip and easily save it to your camera roll. 

This is very different from the original Snapchat ways of selcas (self-portraits), stories and stories with text

 which only lets you share a snap for 24 hours. The new feature lets your snap go live for 24 hours straight, 

and people can easily save the snaps to their phone by clicking the “keep” button.

How to Get People to Follow Your Stories

There are much more tools available in the new Snapchat app. 

Now, you can use snapcash to add friends and send each other gifts during those boring moments. 

There is also the “Snapchat Boost” which helps get you more followers on your stories. 

You can also use your voice on certain snaps, including but not limited to emojis, text or video in order 

to count as an update user wants to see or follow. There is also a new feature called “creating a scene” in which

 you can add music and effects into a snap that will count toward how many followers you have on that snap.

Snapchat Live Story

Besides being apart of a live story, how can you become/keep attract followers to your snapchat? 

There is a way you can get people to see your snapchat story. Once you’re in a LIVE STORY, 

you can add friends who are not followers by using the search key on the bottom right of the screen.

 Then, once they tap follow on your story, it will automatically make them your follower without them having to take further action. 

You can also send friends and followers snaps and ask them for their opinions about what’s going on in your life or

 what so-called “snap worthy” moments you should share with everyone.

How to Make Money on Snapchat

Do you want to become a paid influencer? Snapchat is one way you can do it because of its capability 

to reach your followers through the stories. If your story is interesting, they will stay and read it till the end. 

If they like what they see, they will keep coming back. If you want more people to follow your story,

 try being funny and creative! Make sure to use relevant hashtags on your snaps, as it will make it easier for people to find them. 

If you have something that’s very popular or controversial, use a custom geofilter for an event like a birthday party or anything else you may have in mind. 

There are many ways to earn money from Snapchat.

How To Get Started With Creating Your Own Stories

There are so many things you can do with Snapchat and make money doing it. Here is how simple it can be:

 All you have to do is login and create your own story, then post a picture of something you wish to sell or keep for yourself 

but would not be able to take with you. Then add an emoji in the top right that has the price that you want for the item 

if it’s digital or having a price tag on the actual object. Then the consumer is able to add more emoji, 

for example, if they pay $100, they can add $100+ or $100-$100. The next step is to let them know that

 you’ve sent them a request and they want to. They then have the choice to accept it or decline. 

When you accept it, you will see a “cash on delivery” message on their screen with the amount of money in your account plus any fees applied by Snapchat. 

There’s also a “cash out” feature which will cash out your snapchat account to your bank via paypal or bitcoin.

Tips for Snapchat Stories

Are you looking to get a lot of followers on your story? Here are some tips to help your story stand out:

 Use videos or photos that capture the viewers attention and make it seem like they should follow along to see what happens next.

 If you have an important day coming up, such as graduation, birthday or holiday,

 create a live event so that everyone can be aware of what might happen in the future. 


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