What Everyone Must Know About golden globes live blogging?

joshua rawson harris KRELIShKxTM unsplash
joshua rawson harris KRELIShKxTM unsplash

A gold metal globe with a golden film resting on it that is used in live broadcasting or television events.

People often say that they never know what to write when asked to provide a blurb about an upcoming movie. 

The Golden Globe Awards are celebrated by Hollywood’s elite, and the Golden Globe awards 

for best actor, actress, and film have been awarded

since the 1st Golden Globe Awards Ceremony held in January of 1939.

 In 1980 the recognition of film artists was extended

from motion pictures to include television programs as well as theatrical productions.

 Since then, people have used this award ceremony

to write blurbs about their favorite movies because of its wide variety of categories.

 You can bet that you will be reading blurbs about the upcoming films coming out this winter and next year.golden globes live blogging

Even though social media is used to promote films, television programs, and theater productions,

It seems that things are coming around full circle with the Golden Globe Awards.

 Hollywood’s elite is celebrating another year of nominated professionals 

who have been hired to work on films and television shows and who have received awards for their work in those fields.

 This award ceremony is one of the only platforms where actors and actresses can be recognized 

by their peers as best in their field or as innovators for creating an entirely new way to tell a story on the big or small screen.

The Golden Globe Awards began in January, when the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) created the award ceremony to honor outstanding performances. 

The award was originally called the Golden Globe Award and was a certificate given to a film or an individual for a specific performance.

 In 1991 the HFPA awarded a small gold trophy for television achievements as well as a small gold globe for film achievements.

 What’s interesting is that the only people who were allowed to vote on awards at first were from countries where English is not spoken.

 In 1946 that criteria was expanded to include all members of the HFPA 

 allowed artists from outside of the United States to be eligible for award recognition.

Back in 2019, at the 71st Golden Globe Awards held in Beverly Hills, California, 

the following movies were nominated for awards:

The Favourite – Olivia Colman, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz – Fox Searchlight Pictures

Roma – Yalitza Aparicio – Netflix Inc.

Vice – Amy Adams, Christian Bale – Annapurna Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios

Green Book – Viggo Mortensen – Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Studios

The Shape of Water – Guillermo del Toro – Fox Searchlight Pictures and TSG Entertainment Finance LLC.

BlacKkKlansman – Jordan Peele – Focus Features and Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment

Black Panther – Ryan Coogler – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Marvel Studios

Lady Bird (A Star Is Born) – Greta Gerwig – A24 Films, Warner Bros. Pictures and Donners’ Company Limited.

The Post – Steven Spielberg – DreamWorks Pictures and The Film Foundation.


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