What to Consider When Doing Home Renovations


Looking to renovate your home? There are a couple of things you should consider before jumping into a renovation project. You’ll need more than just a few simple tools and materials to start working on your home as renovations tend to require some construction know-how to ensure the end result is structurally sound. 

Here are some of the general considerations you need to think about when looking to renovate your home. Keep in mind that every project is different, and you will need to adapt these considerations to your personal circumstances, as well as to the scope of your project. 

1. Costs and Budget Needed

Search for the average home renovation costs for your area. You will need to know how much budget to put aside for this project to avoid overspending or putting yourself in debt over it. Most construction companies offer free estimates on their services, which you can often find on their websites or official pages. 

Once you have your costs laid out, you can work on deciding the budget you’re willing to spend for these renovations. It is much easier to calculate your budget when you have a working guide to base your numerical estimates on, such as estimates from contractors or via a simple Google search. You will get a more realistic cost than you would have made going into the project blind.

Alternatively, you may decide to work the costs into your budget instead. If you have a set limit that you cannot go over budget, then you can opt to fit the renovation costs into your set budget by prioritizing the most important parts of renovations first. Work with your contractor to see how you can reach your budget limit. 

2. Hiring a Reputable Contractor

Hiring a reputable home builder is a must when it comes to renovating your home. You can find any contractor with just a quick search through Google or Facebook, but not all of these sites and pages will offer you the best rates or quality of work for your home renovation project. Hiring a contractor is not the same as hiring a reputable contractor. 

The key to hiring a reputable contractor is based on a number of factors, including their scope of work, fees, experience, and reviews. Trust in reviews as they would give you the most organic feedback compared to the rest of your deciding factors. Ask around with friends and family on their experiences with certain renovation companies for trusted reviews.

Also look to yourself to understand where your priorities lie. Would you prefer a contractor that communicates well over one that provides creative solutions? Or perhaps you’d rather go for a contractor that can provide decorative renovations over structural ones. Compare and contrast your priorities to the expertise of potential contractors.

3. Relocating During Renovations

Renovations can be messy, and it is certainly a stressful time for your family! Consider temporarily relocating your family to a different home closeby if you’re considering doing large-scale renovations. 

If you have young children or school-age kids, then you may really need to consider moving to a temporary home in the meantime so your kids can focus on their studies. Same goes for pets who are easily stressed by loud noises and strangers. Opt to rent a place nearby where you can easily drop by your home to check on the renovation progress as well. 

4. Weatherproofing Renovations

Doing renovations to the exterior of your home? Don’t forget to use weatherproof materials! Nothing is worse than spending thousands of dollars on beautiful new roofing, only to discover that the material doesn’t hold up well in rain or snow. 

Check the climate of the area. If you’re new to the place, you can ask around with neighbors about the weather throughout the year. See whether you need to prepare your home for heavy rains, frequent bouts of drought, hurricanes, or snow storms that may be frequent in your area. Renovate accordingly, and choose weatherproof materials suitable for your climate. 

5. Sustainable Construction Practices

Construction projects are known to be wasteful, but they don’t have to be. A good contractor should be able to adapt with the times, and provide sustainable solutions for your project, especially if you request them to do so. 

By providing sustainable construction solutions, you can feel good about renovating your home without harming the environment. You can switch to non-toxic materials as well, and make your home healthier for you and your entire family. Keep up your eco-friendly lifestyle even as a homeowner! 

6. Construction Cleaning

As we’ve mentioned before, renovations are messy before, during, and after your project has been finished. It is a good idea to hire professional cleaners to clear the construction debris from your home at the completion of your renovation project to protect your home and your household from all the dust, dirt, and potentially hazardous pieces from the renovations process. 

Construction cleaning services are often offered by cleaning companies, who train their cleaners on the proper clearing and disposal methods of construction debris. Depending on your renovation project, you may have sharp nails and broken glass laying around your home, which is not ideal. Cleaning these away will be safer for you and your family. 

7. Clear the Room

It is not easy to do any sort of renovation when there’s furniture and knick-knacks scattered about the room where renovations are set to start. Clear the room beforehand to prevent accidents, such as accidentally spilling paint on family heirlooms, or drilling through your expensive furniture. 

Remove or cover any part of the room that you don’t want to damage during the renovation process. Renovations take time and large tools to finish as well, so be sure to have enough space to work on your project by clearing the room of any obstructions. 

8. Be Considerate of Neighbors

Last but not the least, be considerate of how your renovations affect your neighbors. Construction is noisy with all the drilling and thumping of the hammer. Check with your HoA for any rules regarding construction noise during certain times of the day, and it may be good to inform close neighbors beforehand that you will be doing some renovations. 


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