When to visit bozeman theaters

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movie showtimes bozeman, Montana.Find a movie theater near you and get your tickets from Fandango! Search by zip code or by city for the nearest theatre to you. 

With over 30,000 screens nationwide, there’s sure to be a place near you showing your favorite new releases or classics.

We know that going to the movies can be expensive and that’s why we work with theaters all across the country to bring our customers information on what movies are playing and when they’re playing at a local theater near them. 

We hope that this will help you save money on your next showtime.

Please note: Some theaters may also have a “home page” which you can click on to get a list of movies playing at theaters nearby. 

You can find a link to the theater’s official website in this article or on the Find a Theatre page.

For any current movie fans, you can use this information to plan to attend the upcoming blockbusters being released.

 For parents, this is a great resource for planning family nights. Find a theater near you where you can all see a flick together, or find one far enough away so that the kids have somewhere to play while you have some time to yourself.

Showtime listings are updated by theaters frequently, so feel free to call ahead if the showtime information is important.

 If it’s not that important when you see them, try planning an outing when school or work is in session. 

You’ll likely find that many times are less crowded during the week because of this. Also, try visiting the theaters of high schools and colleges. Their movies are often cheaper and more fun for families.

Some of the most preferable times to visit  Bozeman theaters :

1. During the week . 

Most people work every day of the week, so during the early mornings and late nights are often times which are ideal for avoiding the crowds.

2. At off times of year . 

You can plan your visit to Bozeman theaters during their slow times of year. Before Christmas, summer vacation, and around New Years are all very slow for many theater chains. 

A lot of families vacation before Christmas, which means that this time of year is very busy for movie goers.

3. Before noon . 

Many people stop to grab a quick lunch on their way to work or school, so if you plan on visiting a theater during this time period you should be prepared for larger crowds.

4. During evenings .

During the day many people are working or going to school. Once they leave work or school at the end of the day, early evening is a good time for family fun.

5. During school breaks .

Public schools have vacations from around Christmas and spring break, so there will be large amounts of kids in town during those times. 

In addition, summer vacation is a very busy time as well. Both of these times are great to visit Bozeman theaters.

6. On weekdays . 

Many people work on weekdays, so these are often times of the day which are completely empty.

7. On the weekends . 

Saturday and Sunday are also very busy times for movie goers because of all the families who spend all day at the beach or some other fun place.

 If you plan on visiting a theater during these times, choose one that is close to beaches or pools, where kids are swimming all day, so that you plan on being able to see your favorite new releases for cheaper prices. 

Sunday is also a great time for relaxing after a busy week at work or school, so pick a theater far away from home to make it easier on yourself.

8. Before the holidays . 

It’s no secret that most people take vacation before Christmas and New Years, so many theaters will be just about empty during this time.

 If you’re looking for a good time to plan your outing, try before Christmas or New Years.

9. On rainy days . 

Many families like to sit inside on rainy days, so theaters are oftentimes even less crowded on days like these. 

We suggest calling ahead though in order to make sure they can’t move the movie to another day in order to accommodate the weather conditions.

10. On rainy nights .

Some theater’s schedules will change on rainy nights, moving their movies to another day or time to avoid bad weather. 

We suggest calling ahead to make sure that this is not the case. Movie goers stay home during storms, so if you’re planning to go out at night, take precautions and call ahead.


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