Why Ichigo Can See Zanpakuto Spirits Fanfiction Sucks?

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It’s not a secret anymore. The reason why Ichigo can see the Zanpakuto spirits has been revealed by Tite Kubo 

himself in an interview to be because Ichigo was once dead for a while, and after his human body died

 it became spiritually separate from his original soul. This spiritual self retained all of his memories,

 including fighting other zanpakuto spirits in the form of hollows—thus he knows what they are because he fought them before!

What does this mean? It means that fanfiction that says that other people could see Zanpakuto spirits or spirit society

 because they are spiritually linked with their zanpakuto is wrong. Tite Kubo did it because

 he was once dead and kept his memories after he came back. So if you ever read a Bleach fanfiction involving the characters, 

don’t get it confused with fanfictions about alternate universes like Soul Society or Earth 

where Ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit is a different zanpakuto spirit in a different time period.

Now that you’re aware of this, what should you do? Should you stop reading or continue?

Well, for starters, my personal opinion is that it shouldn’t matter. A lot of fanfictions have been written with this concept in mind.

 A lot of fanfictions, in fact, are about Ichigo meeting the various zanpakuto spirits with his own eyes. 

So if you really like Bleach and you really like fanfiction, there is no reason for you not to read these stories. 

Plus, with the release of the manga chapter 466—the most recent chapter—we can be sure that Kubo-sensei

 will start this new plot in the manga soon. So it’s time for all fanfics to start making their decisions 

now so that it doesn’t clash with Kubo-sensei’s plot in any way when this new plot starts.

If you’re concerned about the differences between what you’ve read in fanfiction and Kubo-sensei’s plot,

 then I’d recommend that you keep an eye on the manga release to see what kind of changes that your favourite authors will be making.

 If it’s too much, then maybe that’s a sign for you to stop reading this particular fanfiction.

 It might not be fun anymore if things are out of place. But again, it doesn’t really matter if you still want to read them anyways. 

You can let your favourite authors know what Kubo-sensei is planning through comments or something—

maybe they’ll consider making some changes in their story to not contradict Kubo-sensei’s plot.

If you’re writing fanfiction, then you might want to take the time to revise your story and make more changes before it’s too late. 

Maybe change Ichigo’s spiritual self into someone who came back from the dead. 

Or maybe change the spirit world into something where people would naturally be able to see spirits and hollows. 

However, if you can’t or don’t want to, then I don’t think anyone should give more than a few nasty comments on your fanfic—

if they can even do that without being hypocritical and saying “It’s not canon!” 

But again, I don’t think this should really matter as long as you’re having fun writing it.

So, if you’re a fanfiction writer, I hope this answers your questions and worries about the topic.

 If you’re a reader, then I hope you continue to enjoy fanfiction as much as I do.

Thank you for reading this post! Please comment below and I’ll be glad to discuss with you! 

And feel free to share this article with your other friends who still think that Ichigo can see spirits because of other reasons than he was dead. 

Thank you and have a nice day! -Happy Hallowie Dragon’s Uncanny Valley

Index:What is the difference between a Soul Society and a Spirit World? Is it canon? What about it? Is it true? 

Is it the correct answer to the question “Is Ichigo able to see spirits because he died?”

Summary:This is an article about the differences between a Soul Society and a Spirit World.

 It’s all there in the series so there’s no need for anyone to argue about this anymore. 

This fanfiction is intended as evidence for those who have decided upon their own answer to whether or not Ichigo can see spirits. 

However, I also wrote this fanfiction because I like Bleach and I like fanfiction. ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction

Please do not read if you’ve already read this post (or any other fanfic). Since this is yet another copy of what is already written,

 if you already know the answer to whether or not Ichigo can see spirits, then there’s no real reason for you to re-read it again. 

Although it should be noted that I’m sure that not many people have read all of these posts and that those 

who chose to read them will be able to find the answer for themselves.


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