Why is facebook changing its name to Meta?

alexander shatov CTZhGbSxWLI unsplash
alexander shatov CTZhGbSxWLI unsplash

Hey, it’s me. It’s Mark. I just wanted to let you know that Facebook is changing its name to “Meta”. 

You may have noticed that I’ve been talking about Meta during the past few weeks. 

That’s because we’re getting ready for our big announcement. Obese Tuber

Meta will be a global community where people share their ideas and interests

 in order to foster understanding and empathy on a global scale – with each other, as well as with themselves.

 We want to help people share thoughts and feelings, and we think the new name reflects what Meta is about.

The idea of Meta social network was conceived by two of our employees: Satya and Jeff.

 As I’m sure you know, they were recently re-hired by Facebook… to run Meta!

 This has been in the works for a while, but it’s still exciting news.

So make sure you join us in seeing how far we can take our ideas,

 in this new space where people are free to be who they are, in an environment that encourages them instead of isolates or excludes them. 

And when you’re ready to try out the new site, it’ll be here whenever you are.

Mark Zuckerberg

Chief Executive Officer

Why is facebook changing its name to Meta?

It’s not clear why Facebook changed its name. 

The first suggestion is that this was done in order to better compete with the word “meta”. 

Although many believe that Facebook does not want to compete with older online tools, such as WordPress.

 It could be possible that this happened due to other reasons,

 such as the recent re-hiring of Satya and Jeff who were key members of the original team. 

However, it is also possible that this was an attempt to distance itself from the negative connotations of the word “meta”. 

After all, Mark Zuckerberg did say that “meta” was the new Facebook.

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How to Get More Page Likes on Facebook

If you are running a business page on Facebook, then you are probably aware of how important it is to get more page likes. 

The more people that “like” your page, the more likely it is that other people will see your page in their news feeds. 

The following article will show you how to get more page likes on Facebook or any other social media site for that matter.

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Infographic by www.makeuseof.com

How to get more likes on your Facebook page

The question is: how many likes should your Facebook page have to be effective? It´s a very good question, 

and at the moment there is no defined answer. 

However, we do know that Facebook has approx. 750 million users, and that there are more than 60 million fan pages running. 

The average number of likes for these pages is about 5,000 likes each.

Excerpt from http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-get-more-likes-on-facebook/

How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page is your online address that identifies you as an official source of information, entertainment, or fun. 

A lot of businesses have established their presence on Facebook, 

using pages to let their customers know about products and services. 

There are also many companies that only use the fan pages as advertisement tools. 

If you are among those who want to make their presence felt online, 

you must note that there are some things that you must do in order to make your fan page popular and well known.

Developing an interactive site is important in order to attract more people. 

A lot of people would want to know that they are not just one of the many followers. 

They would also want to know that you care about them by answering their questions or comments.

 It is also important that you take note of what they are saying about your products, services, or company. 

Sometime, the things being said are negative, 

but it does not mean that you should ignore or hide these posts instead respond with an explanation or positive feedback.

Frequent updates on your page is another way to get more likes in Facebook fan page. 

Ensure that the posts are relevant to your business or product, or you can even update with posts about things that interest your followers.

Offer incentives for every fan you get in Facebook fan page.

 If they know that there is something in it for them, they will be more likely to like your page.

 You can give away gift coupons, chances to participate in contests or sweepstakes, discounts on products or services, free e-books, videos, music files, etc.


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