Zoom Towns – 3 Reasons to Work in Them as a Realtor

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The COVID-19 pandemic turned the worldwide economy upside down, but it also led to new developments in how we do work and where we live. In fact, many Americans discovered that they appreciated living farther from big cities while working remotely in comfortable housing with plenty of open space.

As remote work cements itself as a new working tradition, many Americans are moving to zoom towns: smaller cities away from metropolitan hubs where they can work online instead of in a big city. If you’re a realtor, zoom towns also offer new opportunities and major potential for big profits.

What Are Zoom Towns?

So-called “zoom towns” are recent phenomena that have cropped up due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased focus on remote work. Previously, many working professionals across industries had to live in or near metropolitan cities so they could commute to work in office environments or other workplaces.

As remote work became more commonplace, people relocated to suburban areas or towns that were a little farther from the metropolitan areas they’d previously worked at. With plenty of space, affordable housing, and other benefits, many working professionals have decided to stay in these towns permanently while retaining their remote working arrangements.

In short: a zoom town is a small town or city outside traditional major working hubs that is experiencing a boom in housing and new homebuyers/renters due to the advent of widespread remote work. Popular zoom towns include:

  • Centennial, Colorado
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Carlsbad, California
  • Fremont, California
  • Frisco, Texas

Why Are Zoom Towns on the Rise?

Zoom towns are on the rise because of a few key factors:

  • Many companies, like Facebook, Google, Microsoft are leaning into remote work rather than requiring employees to return to the workplace as things were before. They’re doing this primarily because of increased demand for remote work from their employees and because it sometimes saves money – many organizations need less office space than before with remote work
  • Zoom towns are farther from big cities, meaning they often have more in the way of beautiful natural environments, parks, and ample space
  • Because zoom towns are just now becoming more desirable, their housing markets have not yet fully caught up to the sky-high prices found elsewhere. Therefore, many remote workers are trying to buy houses in zoom towns since they were forced to rent at their previous locations

Ultimately, the exact reasons for moving to a zoom town will vary from person to person. But realtors can take advantage of this new real estate development if they act quickly.

Why Realtors Should Watch for Booming Zoom Towns

Why should you concern yourself with the rise of zoom towns? In fact, there are several major reasons why realtors like yourself should start looking at properties to offer and connect to prospective buyers in zoom towns as fast as you can.

Fast Profit Potential

Firstly, zoom towns offer increased profit potential like nothing else. Again, many zoom towns don’t have crowded real estate industries because people didn’t move to them all that often before the pandemic began.

That means the real estate market is wide open and ready for new realtors just like you. If you act quickly, you could potentially be the real estate agent in charge of selling some of the hottest properties in untapped zoom town real estate markets. With the real estate marketing tools like PosterMyWall, you’ll draw new movers to your real estate business in no time.

Remember, many individuals who can work remotely are those who come from white-collar jobs with six-figure salaries. As a result, they will be looking for quality properties with high pricing points, not budget housing options.

Zoom Towns Are Likely Permanent

Additionally, the zoom town development is unlikely to reverse, at least fully. As noted above, many high-quality and popular companies are transitioning to a remote work schedule where they allow some of their employees to work remotely if they so choose.

Because of this, it’s likely that the American working market will permanently shift to this model, especially over the next few years. Right now, zoom towns are booming – but this market could be a great one to move into permanently depending on your career trajectory.

People Are Moving Frequently

Right now, more people than ever before are moving into zoom towns to take advantage of the above-mentioned benefits. However, even if zoom towns are permanent fixtures in America going forward, you may never see a moving wave like this again.

Therefore, if you want to sell a lot of properties in rapid succession, the time to get on this bandwagon is right now! You can get started with real estate social media templates and more ASAP.

Take Advantage of Zoom Towns!

If you’re a realtor looking to make a quick profit or lean into the unique advantages provided by the pandemic and remote work, zoom towns are the place to look. Use all the tools at your disposal, market your realtor business with quality posters, and get your properties out there to draw buyers and make some impressive commissions over the next few months!


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