10 Places That You Can Find Lawyers

court of law
court of law

Lawyers are an integral part of society, and for many people, they’re an essential lifeline when dealing with legal or financial issues. But some people find it difficult to get a lawyer for one reason or another. https://micannamarketing.com/law-firm-seo-service/

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 places That You Can Find Lawyers :

1. Bars

“Bars are excellent locations to secure a lawyer if you aren’t sure where else to look,” says Cary Smoliar, of the Society for the Advancement of Criminal Justice Research. “Many people go there to get away from their problems and meet new people.”

 And a lot of the lawyers who frequent bars do so out of necessity, since legal aid organizations all over aren’t always available. But this doesn’t mean you should stop by every night, because it’s not risky—people just consider these places public.

2. Churches

Like bars, churches also have a reputation for being safe places where you can feel at ease talking about your problems with other people in your faith community. If you need a lawyer for legal issues, this is a great place to start.

3. Public Events

Usually, large public events like parades, protests, and music festivals have organizations that hand out fliers or brochures about local services, including lawyers who are interested in working with people of all backgrounds. While you’re at these events, think about picking up some information from the organizations that sponsor them—it could be very useful in the future.

4. Hospitals

Hospitals are a good place to find lawyers, although they aren’t necessarily as prevalent in emergency rooms as they are in other parts of the hospital. But even if you’re not visiting because you got injured in a car accident and want to know about your legal options, it’s still worth asking the doctors and nurses on staff for their recommendations—they might know just what you need.

5. Libraries

If you’ve exhausted all of your other options and still can’t find someone to talk to, check out the local library . “Many libraries, especially in small towns, run free legal clinics where you can get help with legal problems,” says Mary Boyle of the American Bar Association. “If they’re not in your area, you can sometimes find them online, as well.” If a lawyer who works at a library is willing to take on a case in your area—and who isn’t?—you should definitely consider it.

6. Other Legal Professionals

“This is probably the most difficult location to find a lawyer,” says Smoliar. “But by going to all of your locals, you may be able to locate someone who has experience in areas other than just business and family law. If they don’t already have customers, they may be willing to help you out.”

7. The Military

In the United States, “The military is a great way to locate a lawyer,” Boyle says. “Many members of the Army and Marine Corps are trained legal professionals, and more than a few of them either go on to practice law or get jobs in related fields after ending their service. 

It’s not uncommon for them to take civilian contracts or full-time positions in other branches of the government.” The Recruiting Command of each branch of service can also help you find lawyers who have relevant experience—they’re generally happy to talk about past experiences that might help with your situation.

8. Online

If you’re still having trouble finding a lawyer, you may be able to get help from an online service . “Through a number of websites, it is possible to locate private attorneys who specialize in different areas of law,” Boyle says. Some include The American Bar Association , Lawyers.com , and LawLink .

9. Public Defenders Offices or Legal Aid Organizations

Another way to locate a lawyer who specializes in your area of the law is through public defenders or legal aid offices. “On Saturday mornings, many of these organizations provide ‘help lines’ where callers can receive advice on legal issues,” Boyle says. “The lawyers who work there may be able to connect you with volunteer lawyers who are able to help.”

10. With Someone You Know

Although it may not be the most useful place to go in order to find a lawyer, asking friends and family members for advice is still better than doing nothing at all . “Sometimes we just need another person’s opinion on the matter,” Smoliar says. “If you feel comfortable doing so, ask someone you trust for the name of a good lawyer or some advice about how you should handle your current situation.” In many cases, simply talking things over with someone else can help.


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