10+ Upgrades to Make Your Hardware Work Better


It’s amazing to think that our hardware was only a few years ago filled with beige plastic keys and maybe, maybe, a bit of braided ribbon for a mouse. The power of today’s computers is mind-boggling and the changes and upgrades we want and need to make each one work better are almost as exciting as figuring out what we’ll do with all this power.

We’ve done the research from https://websitesetuper.com/ for you, so save yourself hours scouring the web. We have rounded up 10+ upgrades just for you!

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The Five Best PC Upgrades to Improve Performance

Show proof of your creation! 

Provide proof that you wrote it or created the commercial video with it. You don’t want people complaining that they can’t use your work because it contains copyrighted material and you haven’t gotten the proper permissions from whoever owns it. That will kill any chance of getting compliments and referrals and is a black mark on your name in all likelihood.

Get it out there. 

Share it with your family (your mom is the biggest fan you need), your friends, and other writers or video people you know. You never know who may need someone else to do the same job, and if they liked your work they’ll be happy to give you a referral when someone comes along that needs your services.

Never stop learning about what you do best! 

If you are passionate about being a video producer, then it should come naturally for you to want to learn everything about it—and no one can do that but yourself. Set aside some time each day to study up on your craft. Understanding more about what you already know is essential if you want to excel in the field of video production.

Make Money with iTunes

This chapter will show you how to make money with iTunes. It will cover 7 main topics including how to get traffic, how to build a website for your music, where to upload your music, how to promote your music on iTunes, fan sites examples, how to monetize videos on YouTube and finally best practices for making money with iTunes.

Getting Traffic

The first step towards making money on iTunes is getting traffic.

1. Google Alerts

Google alerts are one of the most useful tools on the Internet. You can use it for tracking down information on your competition, finding hot topics that are currently trending, monitoring how many times any website has been mentioned in mainstream media, finding breaking news in your sector, finding keywords related to your business, monitoring competitors’ press releases and more! The only limit with Google Alerts is your imagination!

2. Yahoo News Search

Yahoo News Search is another great way to get news about any topic you’re interested in. Yahoo News Search will bring you tons of news related to keywords you provide.

3. Google News

Google News lets you search for anything on the web. You can do this by doing a word or phrase search or by category, and it will return news results.

4. Google Search Results 

Google puts most of its content on Google News, and you can use it to find headlines and stories, but if you want to look into specific topics that are more in-depth then you should switch over to Google Search Results.

5. Twitter Search

Twitter Search lets you search for Twitter conversations and search results. You can use the Advanced Search to find tweets containing certain words or phrases and you can also check out each individual tweet and who sent it!

6. YouTube Trends

YouTube Trends also allows you to search video content on YouTube and Google Video. You can find the hottest videos, videos that are rising in popularity, popular tags and more!

7. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a great way to find content that’s being shared on the web. You can use StumbleUpon to look for webpages that have been Stumbled, you can check out your Stumbled pages, you can find similar pages to pages you have Stumbled and you can look for other people who are interested in the same things as you!

8. Reddit

Reddit is an online community where users submit links to interesting web pages they have found on the internet. The other users then vote these links up or down, depending on how much they like them, and also leave comments about them. Usually, you can find some interesting news stories, picture galleries and videos on Reddit!

9. Wikipedia

There are countless ways to use Wikipedia. You can look up words or phrases related to your chosen topic or industry, you can look up information about famous people, you can read about current events in your sector and more!

10. YouTube Playlist Reviews

YouTube Playlist Reviews is a great way to start getting more listeners on YouTube by giving them content that they will find useful. You provide the videos that they will watch and they give you playlisters on their platform so that people can subscribe to your channel.


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