3 benefits of using cervical traction for optimal health!


Instead of popping pills every day or being prescribed a strong prescription medication for back pain, you can use all-natural methods that go hand-in-hand with physical therapy. By realigning your spine, improving your mobility, reducing neck pain, and relieving muscle tension through consistent use, you can boost your health and obtain numerous benefits! 

3 benefits of cervical traction – try Saunders cervical traction for numerous health benefits!

First, we need to know what cervical traction is before we can analyze the benefits. Cervical traction is just traction of the spine, which helps to treat neck pain, trauma, injuries, and other progressive illnesses. The main focal point of critical tradition is to help pull your head away from your neck to eliminate compression injuries that can occur from incidents like car accidents or sports trauma.

For those with chronic conditions, Saunders cervical traction can help you avoid taking unnecessary medication, becoming addicted to strong painkillers, or ending up reliant on prescription medication that can cause a dependency. Most of the time, cervical traction is covered under necessary physical therapy treatment or can be used in your own home. Click here to learn more about Saunders cervical traction.

By putting light stretching and elongation of the neck, you can help alleviate pressure and compression of the spinal cord. 

Realign the neck and spine

One of the main benefits of using Saunders cervical traction is to help realign and stretch the neck and spine. Our spinal health is one of the most important aspects of total body wellness. With an out-of-whack spinal cord or neck, we feel discombobulated. Furthermore, with an unset spine, we are more prone to injuries or illnesses that can occur from accidents or diseases.

Allows the muscles to relax

Saunders cervical traction helps your muscles and neck relax by pulling the head away from the neck, helping stretch the surrounding muscles and joints from being too tight or compressed. If you frequently exercise or find that you are sitting all day at a desk job, your spine may be out of alignment, and your neck muscles may be overly tight. In this case, Saunders cervical traction can help you alleviate joint pain and reduce muscle tension.

Improve range of mobility

The final benefit of using Saunders cervical traction is the increased range of motion. For people who need their arms and back to do their job properly, having a full range of motion is key to getting your work done. Furthermore, having a mobile neck, spine, back, and arms is crucial to having a pain-free life where you can do all of your daily activities. 

Lastly, for athletes and those interested in sports performance, you need full mobility of the spine to excel at your respective sport. Using cervical traction can help align your spine and boost your range of motion during daily exercise


Although this is not the most widely heard exercise or treatment for neck and back pain, cervical traction is effective at improving your range of motion, reducing muscle tension, and realigning your spine for optimal health! 


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