3 Reasons Why Tissot Powermatic 80 Silicium Is Your Best Everyday Watch

Tissot Watch

There aren’t a lot of watches available that could serve as an everyday watch in the watch market and it’s also hard to find a watch to fit all occasions.

Most watches simply lean more on a sportier look or are on the dressier side or are made to wear for casual setups and when you go to different occasions you have to match what you were with the environment and you can’t wear a high-end watch to the beach or wear a casual one to an elegant party. To have a watch versatile enough that you don’t mind wearing it almost every day because it fits well is a sought out convenience for watch wearers- that is unless you haven’t known the Tissot Powermatic 80. For some of us looking for the best everyday watch out there, the Tissot is the one you’re looking for, and below are the reasons why it’s a great watch to own. 

  1. Tissot Powermatic 80 Nails Every Occasion

One thing that makes this watch perfect for everyday wear is its dimensions. With a 40-millimeter case size, 21-millimeter lug width, 100 meters water resistance, and a three-link bracelet it becomes a watch suited to pair even with your jeans and T-shirt. Wearing it to a beach with your shorts or pairing it with your dinner jacket is no fashion crime and unlike other fancy watches that you have to baby, Tissot Powermatic is suitable for taxing circumstances of everyday wear. But as it fits comfortably in casual situations, it also serves as an elegant watch for special events since the attention to detail given to this watch is one that qualifies it for a premium look. With a high polished thick bezel that reflects the light in both dark and well-lit environments, complemented by brushed outer links and high-polished center links, the watch has a sleek look perfect for classy events. The bezel is paired with brushed lugs that contrast nicely with the dial. An easy-to-press down bracelet gives comfort and classy style, but not over the top. Even with a large case size, its sapphire case which has an anti-reflective coating also has a slight dome curvature that makes sliding it underneath the dress cuff not a problem. 

  1. It Is a Watch That Gives the Best Value for Your Money

The watch is geared with a robust and easily serviced movement, which is a  modified automatic ETTA 2824. This caliber allows for an 80-hour power reserve which means you can put the watch down on a Friday and use it the following Monday. The watch also uses a silicon balance spring which improves the anti-magnetism of the watch. This keeps the watch accurately tell the time even if you expose it to magnetic fields coming off from speakers. This watch is one of those watches that really gives value to your money and even also looks more expensive than it is. In the face of the watch lies the sword-style hour and minute hands which are given superluminova with matching illuminated dots plotted on the outside of dial markers.  Another highlight of this timepiece is found in its hour markers. Its slanted bevel edge found on the dials is what gives it a more pronounced presence. With the Tissot name neatly placed on the dial and the Powermatic and Silicium referring to the caliber inside. With the level of finishing the Tissot Powermatic has, it will certainly reap compliments for the watch wearer.

  1. It Comes From a Reputable Swiss Watch Company

Functionality and style are important but without the hands of an expert, even a well-regarded watch might not stand the test of time. Tissot, however, has two centuries of experience in watchmaking marked with different innovations. This brand started in 1853, making it one of the early pioneers in the watchmaking industry in Switzerland. The company through its consistent pursuit of making quality watches has remained up to this day a tour de force in the world of watchmaking making. Its constant innovations for design With Tissot watches are made from solid engineering at a fair price. Considering that there aren’t a lot of watch companies that produce watches of good quality and style, and a backbone of expertise, Tissot watches becomes a watch that any person will not regret buying, for its solid engineering offered at a fair price. 

Where to Find a Tissot Watch

If you want to explore other options in the Tissot Powermatic 80 Silicium for your everyday watch, the model is also available in different designs, and materials for both men and women, which range from having a sportier feel to a more elegant look. Tissot is a sought-after brand and most of their watches could be sold out, but if you want to shop for the sought-after Tissot then a reliable Watch dealer is The Watch Company. If you want to explore other options from the Tissot brand other than the Powermatic 80 Silicium, The Watch company website has a variety of watch designs from the brand. This watch shop is a certified dealer in Tokyo Japan but also caters to overseas customers. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast or a practical watch user they have multilingual staff ready to cater to watch inquiries and concerns you’ll be assisted in searching for your potential watch. Their services are made sure to be available through their own WeChat, Line, WhatsApp and utilize over the phone translation services to accommodate their customers overseas. Watch Company scouts for luxury watches around the world and offer them at a lower cost. These watches are also carefully inspected by their in-house watch experts to assure quality and authenticity. 


The Tissot brands produce watches that are certainly the best value for money and the Powermatic 80 Silicium is just one of the watches, which garners admiration for the brand from both watch experts and those who are just growing their love for watches. The Powermatic 80 matches the everyday watch criteria especially for first-time swiss watch purchasers and opens the door for them for their love of watches and for the more seasoned watch wearer it fills in the need for a versatile timepiece. If like many others, you want to experience the Powermatic 80 be sure to visit The Watch Company.


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