5 Facts About War That Will Make You Think Twice


The article you are about to read is a list of five facts about war that will make you think twice. It pertains to the US involvement in wars, and explores what these facts mean in today’s society. It’s no secret that America has been involved in plenty of wars throughout its lifetime. America has not only dropped bombs on other countries, but it also experienced its fair share of military casualties. 

Who is the god of war: The first fact in this list is that the world’s most powerful organization, the United States of America, has a god of war, which they worship. In humans, the brain focuses on certain memories, and it is said to be linked to religion or your surroundings. Many people also think that violence depends on genetics; they believe that someone with a violent temper or aggressive nature has certain genes passed down. However, over the years, people have also been able to control their own anger. 

5 Facts About War That Will Make You Think Twice :

1. Scapegoating and Moral Panics:

One of the factors that directly influences a nation’s involvement in war is the media. The media can create a moral panic by discrediting and blaming a country, which then creates fear within people. A moral panic is very strong; it encourages people to blame others for their own problems. 

No Words Do Not Cause Wars :

The next fact is that no words do not cause wars. People sometimes believe that if you say something, then it will happen. It can be a joke, or even something that you said lightly that someone took very seriously. However, this is false, because no matter what you say nothing can make two countries go to war. 

2. Selfish and Greedy Politicians:

Politics is a bloody game, and it always has been. When there is a war, it directly benefits politicians on both sides of the conflict whether they are fighting or not. The government usually raises taxes on wealthy people to fund the war, and then gives them tax breaks once the war is over. 

The Illusion of Responsibility:

Whenever there is a bombing, or a terrorist attack, people immediately assume that someone else is to blame. This causes people to be less responsible for their own actions. The good thing about this factor is that it may cause people to become more aware of the things they do wrong; however, it can also lead to violence and aggression from civilians trying to take out their anger on whoever they think the responsible party is. 

3. War Profiteering:

War profiteering is not as overlooked as people think it is. People are well aware of war profiteering, in fact, they even get upset when they think that it is happening. War profiteering can be defined as: businesses making a profit by selling weapons or other materials to fight in a war. When a war is ongoing, companies that profit from weapons continue to make money, but when the war ends, the profit stops. 

Human Rights Abuse:

Another thing people believe has been overlooked is human rights abuse. People believe that human rights abuses happen only in third world countries and aren’t seen as a problem in America or other first world countries. However, this is not true; human rights are abused around the world.

4. Children and the Future:

Children need to be educated while they are young on how to handle conflict and anger. If children learn how to control their actions early on, then when they get older, their environment won’t necessarily lead them to violence and more wars. 

Know the Facts:

It is important to be informed on all sides of an issue, even if they deal with war. If a nation is involved in war, it usually means that they are doing something wrong or they don’t have a reason to fight at all. It’s very important to be informed on all sides before you make your decisions or judgments. There are thousands of ways that you can be informed on the truth so that you can separate fact from fiction and learn more about what’s going on.

5. War Stops Something from Happening:

War does not end hatred; instead it perpetuates the hatred and creates more for the future generations to fight about. If something is happening and a person doesn’t like it, they should move away from the problem instead of killing people over it. There are many ways to solve problems without killing people, and war is not the solution. The bottom line here is that the god of war, the government, and the media have a lot of power.


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