5 Guilt Free Farmhouse Lantern Decor Tips


If you’re the kind of person who always felt it was wrong to put something new in a room that didn’t naturally come with furniture or decoration, this article is for you. If you have just purchased a farmhouse style home, or wish to decorate in that style but have never done so before, these tips will help you transform your home into an effective and minimalistic farmhouse lantern decor ideas atmosphere.

We’ve gathered some simple tips and tricks from experts on various topics, including lighting, paint colors, and window treatments.

Five guilt free farmhouse lantern decor tips are:

1. Paint your ceiling in a lighter color than the walls for an old-fashioned look.

The ceiling is the first place people will notice and it’s often the one that gets noticed last. If you are decorating in a farmhouse style, the ceilings should be painted a lighter color than the walls. This will also help diffuse the light and create an open feel to the room that is more pleasant and inviting. Painting your ceiling a light or pastel color will help create the illusion of height and space. An additional benefit is that painting it lighter than the walls gives the room an old-fashioned look. If your ceilings are light enough, it will prove to be a great contrast with darker walls around you.

2. Hang a rain spout on your wall to create a modern barn lantern display.

A rain spout can be purchased at a hardware store, or made with a carriage bolt, washers and a nut. If made yourself, take care to ensure your rain spout fits tightly to your wall. This will allow the water to collect on the outside of the spout, which allows for it to cool more quickly. Once installed you create an industrial looking lantern on your wall. These decorative accessories are easy to find at any hardware store and they work well as wall decorations. They are a great and affordable alternative to the expensive vintage lanterns that, while they look great, cannot offer the same ease of use since they don’t have a removable bulb. They can be found in different colors, shapes and sizes making it easy to choose one that matches your home perfectly .


3. Use acrylic paint for new furniture pieces or doors .

Acrylic paint is perfect for a number of things. If you need to replace the door of your fireplace, a wine rack or any other piece of furniture in your home, acrylic paint is ideal. Not only is it easily applied with a brush, but it dries quickly. It’s good for touch ups, because it acts like stain, is water resistant and will not come off on hands or clothes. Acrylic paint is easy to apply and it doesn’t scratch furniture so it’s a great choice for new pieces. If you’re buying new doors or furniture, paint it with acrylic paint to give it the old-fashioned look. It’s also tough, which means you can use it to help protect your old furnishings from scratches. Moreover, the color tends to blend in with different shades of wood.

4. Match your smart TV’s color and hardware with the rest of your home .

If you’re going to use your TV as a focal point in your living room, it’s important to find the right color and hardware. They should coordinate with the color of your walls. If you have mahogany wood furniture, for example, black cloth couches, your TV shouldn’t be red or blue. The hardware can be changed easily, however the TV itself is not changeable and this is something to consider before choosing. You should try to match all the hardware on your television with those in your entire living room area . There should be no difference whatsoever between the look of appliances in each space . If you notice a discrepancy, change only one thing at a time until you’ve completely changed everything into a coordinated look.

5. Keep curtains out of sight during daytime hours .

Curtains are great for evening and nighttime, but their appearance during the day is something you should probably change. If your curtains are red, white or any bright solid color when the sun is out, they will reflect too much light into your room. You can instead have them match the color of your walls so they don’t draw attention to themselves. When the sun is out and there are no people in the room, you can have them open up to let in some light. If you keep your curtains closed during the day, it will give your home a relaxed, stress-free feel that is almost perfect for farmhouse living.


A clutter-free, minimalist yet sophisticated-looking home is all you’ll want. If you want to really set the tone and mood, start by removing as many of your personal items as possible to let natural light in. Use some of these tips and tricks to make a dramatic change in the decor in just minutes 


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