5 must-ask questions to potential witnesses to include during witness prep


Thorough preparation before going to court is an essential factor to help ensure you win your case. Cross-examination of potential witnesses is a part of the preparation process to ensure they give accurate and complete information in court. Explained below are important questions that will help you prepare your witness extensively.

What is your background information?

It is important to create a rapport with the witness. The best way to do this is by asking easy personal questions such as their name, employment status, where they live, among others. These questions require little time to think, and they will help the witness feel more comfortable. Remember a comfortable witness will give you more information.

Ask the witness if they have any experience as witnesses in court so that you can evaluate how much preparation they need to speak confidently in court.

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What is your relationship with the client?

The relationship the witness has with the client is important. Witnesses are more likely to give biased information if they are closely related to your client. Ensure that you are keen when questioning potential witnesses that are acquaintances to your client to ensure they offer credible and honest information.

What did you witness?

Ask the witness questions such as, who was involved in the incident, what and where it happened, and when they witnessed it. This information will help you determine whether a potential witness was really at the scene and if the information they have is accurate and valid in court.

The witness will help paint a picture of the incident that happened. You will also be able to hear the incident from a different source so that you can identify the major facts of the story.

Talking about the incident will also jog the witness’s memory, and this may help your case when the witness answers questions in court correctly and confidently.

What did you do after witnessing the incident?

This question will help you gain insight into the role played by the potential witness. They may have intervened in a case or helped in giving first aid during an accident. By asking this question, you will be in a better position to determine whether the potential witness will offer help to your case.

What is your nature of contact with law enforcement after the incident?

Ask the witness the information they gave officers at the scene, media, medical professionals, or any other person who arrived at the sight of the incident. Inquire if the witness has heard other versions of how the incident happened and ask them to narrate what they heard.

This information will help you understand any possible versions of the incident that may be presented in court; hence will allow you to do the necessary preparations.

In conclusion, prepping potential witnesses is important as it will help you present clearer evidence in court and improve the chances of getting the court to rule in your favor. Always refer to these questions and use them to prep all your witnesses to ensure the best outcome. For more information on witness prepping, visit our page.


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