5 Reasons You Need To Order a Night Guard For Your Teeth


You can use various methods to help your mouth at night, but none are more effective than a night guard. Using a night guard for your teeth can help your breathing and other issues, but the main question however is, how will you know if you need one? Our list below will show you precisely what you should be on the lookout for.  

1. Waking Up With Jaw Pain

When you wake up with jaw pain, your mouth is in the wrong position at night. Using a custom night guard for your teeth will create less tension in your mouth because it sets the jaw in the proper position. When the jaw is placed in the correct position, you can breathe better, and that will cause you less pain.

2. Protecting Your Teeth With A Night Guard For Your Teeth 

Protecting your teeth is another good reason to use a night guard for your teeth. You can do so much damage to your teeth when you grind them, and because of that, you’ll need something to protect them from over-sensitivity, enamel wear, or chipping your teeth which can cause infection and bacteria build-up. 

3. You Can Prevent Headaches 

Another issue that comes up with teeth grinding is chronic headaches. Chronic aches are pretty bothersome when trying to sleep, but when you grind your teeth, you’ll see that the muscles in your neck, mouth, shoulders, and jaw also tense up. Because of that, you need to use a night guard for your teeth so that your body is relaxed. In particular, it is recommended that you try a custom-made option as it will eliminate the headaches. 

4. A Night Guard For Your Teeth Can Prevent Misalignment And Disorders

A night guard for teeth can also help you prevent issues with misalignment and clenching your teeth. You put pressure on your temporomandibular joint when you clench hard at night. That, in turn, causes dysfunction and misalignment, which may lead to surgeries. In addition to this, you can cause damage to your articular disk, which can’t be repaired. 

5. You’ll Save More Money With Preventative Care 

A custom night guard for your teeth is what you need to prevent your teeth and body from being damaged. It will cost you a bit upfront but save you thousands in the long run. By controlling your jaw from getting put in the wrong place, chipping your teeth, or making sure that your teeth don’t grind, you’ll find that you’re saving yourself from thousands or even tens of thousands in repairs. For instance, depending on where you live, a tooth repair can cost five thousand dollars to pull it and replace it or repair it. Not to mention that insurance doesn’t always cover everything.

Using A Night Guard For Your Teeth To Your Advantage 

Using a night guard for your teeth to your advantage will help your health and your breathing and improve your sleep. Be sure to avoid the ones you get in the drug store, as they can’t provide the necessary cushion. You need to find one that can help your mouth get into the proper position and ensure that your mouth and jaw are not flexed. When you can do this, you’ll find that you feel so much better.


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