6 Tips To Increase Your Immunity Power

Immunity Power
Immunity Power

There are some diseases such as cold and flu that are high communicable, and there is no cure for them. The best way is prevention. High immunity power is the only way to fight against these diseases. But, we recommend you to implement the safety measures and protect you from getting infected.

In case you get infected, then your immunity power will start fighting against these harmful microbes. The severity and the longevity of disease will be dependent on the immunity power of your body.  

If your immunity power is not good, then you will suffer more. According to the doctors, people who are susceptible to get infected are those with low immunity power. 

It is recommended that you will make healthy lifestyle choices and put in a lot of effort to strengthen up your immunity system. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different ways to increase your immunity power:

  1. Maintain Healthy Gut

It is a fact that our 80% of immunity system is based on our gut health. Our gut is comprised of enormous healthy bacteria that help in absorbing nutrients. It is recommended that you should keep this population healthy and strong. A healthy gut will develop a healthy defense mechanism against cold and flu. Therefore, you should keep your healthy gut.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

You should make a healthy diet plan so that you can eat healthy fruits and vegetables. While creating a diet plan, you should make sure that your meal contains fresh fruits and vegetables. Your snacks should be healthy as well. Healthy snacks will help in maintaining a good level of blood sugar level in your body. 

It is imperative to take a balanced amount of calories so that your body can develop a healthy immune system. But do not eat anything in order to take calories. You should get the nutrition from the fruits, vegetables, whole grain items, and lean meat. 

Also, you should take vitamin C in a huge amount. It is so because vitamin C carries antioxidants. The antioxidants will strengthen up your immune system and help you to fight against diseases.

  1. Have Sound Sleep

Sound sleep makes us feel refreshed every morning. It is recommended that older adults should sleep at least 7 hours every day. Insufficient sleep affects the immune system of our body and makes our body susceptible to cold, respiratory infections, and various other diseases. 

You should follow a circadian rhythm and create a proper sleep schedule. Usually, people face problems in sleeping during the summer season due to extremely hot and humid weather. 

If you are facing a sleeping problem during summer due to hot and humid weather, then install air conditioning Sydney at home. This latest technology AC can help in maintaining the optimum temperature for sound sleep.

  1. Sanitize Your Hands

The main source of infection is our infected hands. Therefore, you should wash your hands more often. It can prevent you from many diseases. If you cannot instantly access soap and water to wash your hands, then you should disinfect your hands with the help of a hand sanitizer. 

But, make sure you choose the good hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, the hand sanitizers available in the market are filled with various toxic ingredients such as triclosan and phthalates. 

These toxic chemicals are directly linked with neurotoxicity, cancer, and various other dangerous diseases. You can also prepare the hand sanitizer at your home by using highly-concentrated germ killing tea oil and other organic products.

  1. Keep Hydrated

When we wake up in the morning, then our body is dehydrated. Therefore, your immune reserves are also drained. You should drink water every morning before eating anything. Also, you should drink plenty of water for the whole day. The water requirement increases if you are not well. 

The fluids will help in transporting the nutrients to the affected portion of the body. Moreover, the fluids help in taking away the toxic material from your body. If you are not able to drink too much water, then you can also have various other healthy drinks such as fruit juice and lemonade.

  1. Regular Exercise

The workout is another good way to increase your immunity power. You should regularly do workout for at least half an hour. During the summer, it is difficult to do workout outdoors. Therefore, it is recommended that you should do regular exercise at home. 

Maintain an ideal atmosphere at home and start doing the workout at home. Turn on the ducted air conditioner to maintain a cool atmosphere at home. 

If you ducted AC is not working properly, then call ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for maintenance and repair work. You should not do a strenuous workout in the hot summer season.


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