9 Benefits Of Raising A Pet That May Change Your Perspective


Over the years, animals have become a staple in many people’s homes. Whether a dog or cat, our furry friends bring love and joy into our lives and can be companions for years to come. Light pets terraria is a good choice for those who travel frequently, because they provide a source of comfort and entertainment during long flights and road trips. 

With pets, there are always benefits to owning them: they’re loyal companions that will stay with you through thick and thin, they make great friends for your kids, and they’re generally adorable. However, there are benefits to owning a pet that many people don’t know.

Here are nine benefits of raising a pet:

1. Pet Ownership is Good for Your Health and Well-Being  

Pets bring happiness into our lives and make us happier people. Studies have shown that pet owners have lower stress levels, better emotional reactions and lower blood pressure than those who don’t own pets. Plus, having a pet around helps your immune system by helping you fight off illnesses such as the flu or the common cold. 

In fact, it is estimated that owning a pet can cut your risk of some types of cancer by 40% . This shows that pets are linked to being a healthy person, whether it’s physically or mentally. They are also linked to lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke due to their tendency to make people exercise more.

2. Pets Can be Companions for Your Children  

Children who grow up with pets are significantly less likely to abuse animals when they become teenagers , according to a study conducted by the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University . The study shows that children who spend time caring for animals early in life tend not only to be less violent toward animals, but also toward others (i.e., fewer aggressive acts committed toward humans).

3. Pets Make Great Friends for Children and Teenagers  

Pets are great friends for children who often have a hard time finding friends at school. A 2007 study published by the American Dental Association found that children who had a pet had fewer health problems, better grades and were more likely to play outside as a child compared to those without pets. Pet ownership was also linked with lower rates of teenage pregnancy among girls.

4. Pets are Good for Your Kids’ Health  

Pet owners are more likely than non-pet owners to receive regular check-ups and vaccinations . They are less likely to get sick , have negative social interactions, be obese or engage in risky behaviors that could lead to the development of other diseases . Pets are also known to reduce risk of heart disease and strokes .

5. Pets Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep  

According to a study by the American Sleep Association , people who owned pets had the best sleep quality of any group of people in the study. A 2010 survey of 10,000 people in the U.S. by GBD (Global Burden of Disease ) showed that pet owners are more likely to feel happier, healthier, more energetic and better able to handle daily tasks while sleeping than non-pet owners are.

6. Pets Help You Live Longer  

Dogs can help improve your health and lengthen your lifespan. “Our data strongly suggest that dog ownership is associated with a substantial reduction in cardiovascular risk factors and an overall decrease in mortality ,” according to a study published by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association .

7. Pets Decrease Your Risk of Suicide  

A study published by Psychology Today showed that owning pets lowers one’s risk of suicide by up to 50%. Patients who had been hospitalized for suicide attempts, suicidal ideation or self-injurious behavior were 2.5 times as likely to commit suicide if they did not have a pet. The study did not specify why pet ownership is linked to a lower risk of suicide.

8. Pets Promote Laughter  

Pets bring joy into our lives and help us laugh. According to an article published by the American Psychological Association , pets provide us with physical affection, social support and people to depend on during difficult times, which are all factors that make them a source of joy for their owners. Pets even help ease the burden of physical tasks, like taking out the trash or walking the dog . Dogs in particular encourage laughter because they’re more likely than other pets to cause their owners to laugh . The average human laughs more per day when they have a dog around .

9. Pets Help You Live the Life You Want to Live  

Many people buy pets because they want a family pet and a friend for their children. However, pets can show us that there is much more to life than simply serving as an accessory for someone else. 

Pets help make us get up when we can’t walk, encourage us to reach for goals we wouldn’t otherwise try and help make all of the small things in our lives, like bathing or brushing our teeth, seem like a good idea. Pets teach us patience, resilience and the skills needed to manage painful or difficult situations that might take years off of our lives if we were unable to deal with them properly.


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