Best Portable E-Juice Vaporizer

E Juice Vaporizer

It might be a big obstacle for you to get the right portable e-juice vaporizer for your unique needs. With the advent of vaping, various products have been launched in the industry.

Some vape pens are genuine and of excellent quality, and others are not. Thus you have to be clear of the kind of vape pen you need.

Some devices are cigarette-like, tall, and boxy in your search to be conscious, but there’s a real vape pen.

And that is why in this article, we want to look at the best portable e-juice vaporizer for you.

By the end of this read, you should be in a position to make a great choice of a vape pen for your vaporizing needs.

3 Best Portable E-Juice Vaporizer

1. SMOK RPM80 

Pod vaping devices have changed the vaporizing scene. One such e-juice vaporizer is the SMOK RPM80.

RPM80 from SMOK is famous for its outstanding features that rank higher than other vaporizers in the market.

Like a regular vape pod, the SMOK RPM80 has wattage that can be adjusted to 80 watts thanks to the two buttons and a clear full-color display.

It is powered by a 3000 mAh battery and can be carried anywhere anytime. 

It has two pods that have a 5ml capacity which is refilled from the side.

It has a 0.4ohm regular mesh coil vaporizer that allows adjustable airflow enabling you to enjoy your preferred draw.

Despite e-juice vaporizers being expensive, the RPM80 comes at $30.99.

2. Innokin GoMax

From Innokin, the GoMax e-juice vaporizer is another high rated device. If you care so much about the type of portable e-juice vaporizer you need, then this is your first choice.

The GoMax is unique and comes with a disposable tank. This means that you cannot replace the coil, but the whole tank once its e-juice is used up.

It’s quick to use this classy vaporizer because all you’ve got to do is shift the top of the tank to the side so you can refill and enjoy your steam.

The tank has a 5.5ml e-liquid capacity and is equipped with a 0.19-ohm coil that uses a 3D mesh to ensure a top-notch vaping experience.

With a powerful 3000 mAh battery, you are assured of a two to three-day service before you look for a charger.

You need to switch on the single button and get ready to vape away.

At the cost of $ 32.99, the e-juice vaporizer comes with one tank, so be ready to buy more tanks as the previous ones get finished.

3. Free Max Twister

Another portable e-juice vaporizer is the Free max Twister. It is known for its high-quality functionality.

It is simple to use and has high power that you can use to your satisfaction.

It has a single button used to control it; you can also adjust the wattage by twisting the bottom of the unit, thus the twister’s name.

The device utilizes 5 to 8W giving you a range of options to choose from thanks to the 2300mAh internal battery.

Its tank has a capacity of 2.5ml and has mesh coils. Additionally, this e-juice vaporizer comes with two extra coils, a 5ml bubble glass add-on for the tank, and a USB charging cable.

All this at a cost-effective cost of #34.95

Types of Portable E-Juice Vaporizers

Portable e-juice vaporizers come in different forms functionality, size, and durability. 

So, before you go shopping for a vaporizer, here are the different types that you are likely going to find.

1. The Standard Vape Pen

The standard vape pen has a small battery of 650 mAh compared to the others. But, stands out for its unique threading like the one used in clearomizers.

If you search for something that is not complicated, then the standard e-juice vaporizer is for you.

2. Mod-Like Vape Pens

The Mod-like vape pens are thicker and tube-like. 

Unlike the standard vape pens, the mod –like a vape pen, has a bigger and stronger battery that ranges from 1500 mAh and above.

They also have 510 connections and sub-ohm coils.

Despite being bigger, they are among the most efficient, flexible vaporizers you can get in the market. 

3. Pod Vaping Systems

This type of vaporizer is for the people who are not into sophistication but need an efficient and straightforward vaporizer.

They have pod-style tanks and use low power to function. Thus if you are into high strength e-liquid, this vape pen is for you.

Among the portable e-juice vaporizers, this type is the easiest to carry around.

The Final Word on the Best Portable E-Juice Vaporizer

Finally, it’s easy to make an informed decision on the kind of portable e-juice vaporizer you want with the options above.

Every class of vape pens has a unique way of making your vaping experience great.

Remember to put in the research effort, so you don’t end up with a vaporizer that does not suit your needs. 


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