Character analysis of Ichigo: seven deadly sins

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marek okon ag0P4gITLqc unsplash

Ichigo is a loving, caring person who always puts his friends and family before himself. He will give them his best without any hesitation or reservation, and with unconditional support. His selflessness makes him the perfect prince charming. 

Ichigo’s mother died when he was six years old in a car accident caused by an enemy with no sense of remorse for what they did to her son. 

This left him with a strong desire to protect others from going through similar fates as he went through when he lost the most precious people in his life.

Ichigo’s father was a captain in the soul society. 

He didn’t have a lot of time to spend with his son when he was young, so most of the development Ichigo received was from his father’s friends who also had children, and from his dad’s job in the 11th division. 

His father taught him many things about being a soul reaper, one of which is that it is good to hide your true power from others. 

This creates a mental conflict in Ichigo because when he is in battle against an enemy, he must strike hard enough to defeat them in order to save someone’s life, but at the same time not strike too hard because if he did he would hurt or kill them.

How ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction :

1. Ichigo is the reincarnation of Byakuya kurosaki.

2. Ichigo himself has no idea about his zanpakuto spirits residing in him except that his inner hollow is in control. 

He doesn’t know if they are the spirits of anyone in particular.

3. The spirit resides in Ikkaku’s body in the form of a cat called Kyodaikon. He resides in Ikkaku’s body because he was the first spirit Ichigo’s inner hollow saw.

 Ikkaku was the first person to see Ichigo after he lost his zanpakuto, so Kyodaikon stayed inside him because Ikkaku knows the best way to help Ichigo.

4. Kyodaikon can come out of his body by accident if someone else is too close to Ikkaku’s neck area.

 This makes it look like Kyodaikon is staring at them when it isn’t. Kyodaikon can feel another spirit or human that is connected to them using their reiatsu.

5. Unohana is ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit.

6. Unohana is said to have loved Ichigo’s father. 

This is why she is Ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit because his father loved her too, so it makes sense that she would choose him.

7. Ichigo’s inner hollow is the spirit of Kira(japanese spelling) who was ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit before he became a soul reaper/captain during the battle between Soul Society and the Quincies.

 He became a soul reaper because he loved Rukia kuchiki, but when he died during war, he woke up in Ichigo’s body where his reiatsu immediately failed to sustain him due to Ichigo having already taken control of it.

Types of spirits and about them :

1. The types of spirits are divided into three different classes: Espada, Menos, and Arrancars. 

Espada are the most powerful kinds of spirits. They are the strongest, so they are addressed as kings or leaders. Their names are marked on Bleach by an “S” for their rank.

2. The second class of spirits is Arrancars which can be considered as weaker than espada, but they still demand respect from all the other souls in the war council because they have a special ability called a special ability called a Zanpakutō known as a Shikai or Resurrección.

3. The third class is the Menos which are the weakest kinds of spirits. Most of these have no will of their own, so they just follow orders. 

They don’t have names because they are just a bunch of mindless souls that were used as fodder during the war.

4. The Espada are named after Sephiroth’s emotions in Final Fantasy VII. 

The Espada are also very similar to characters from Hunter x Hunter who are Vasto Lordes, except Arrancars are partially Hollow or Human while Espada are all Hollow or Shinigami/Quincy hybrids.

5. The Menos are named after characters from Naruto and in particular the names of characters in K-ON because the character Yui Hirasawa is a main character in both series.

6. Shinigamis or quincy hybrids are half-breed shinigami/quincy hybrids, so they get their powers from both sides. 

Ichigo’s inner hollow is a full-blown Shinigami because his father was a full-blown Shinigami, so it makes sense that Ichigo has shinigami powers too.

7. Characters like Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Urahara Kisuke are Espada in hiding. 

The higher-ups in the soul society don’t know that they are espada, but the espada in control know because this is how they always get their hands on new recruits (by kidnapping them when they are young).

8. Aizen killed Orihime’s brother Chad when he was young. Orihime was kidnapped when she was around 8-9 years old. 

She spent her time at Hueco Mundo learning about hollows and espadas until she was saved by Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, Ishida, Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Kyodai Ken.


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