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If one is accused of a criminal charge, he or she is most probably be arrested by the police and taken to custody. Now they will not have an immediate trial as the whole process will take some time. In the meantime, the defendant will be placed inside the lockup with others. This jail time is most naturally an excruciating experience for anyone; it is particularly traumatizing for the innocent ones. There is no reason for them to suffer this torture since they have not done anything wrong. They need to wait for their trial to take place, and hopefully, the judgment will go in their favor. 

But the time from when they are arrested to the time of their actual case hearing can take weeks or months. The defendant, after being arrested, can opt for a bail bond to help him get out of jail and back to his regular life. Someone outside the jail, typically a friend, needs to pay for the defendant’s bail money and settle the agreement with the court to get him out of the police custody. You may contact bail bonds San Diego for a 24×7 bail service in the city. 

This bail bond can be paid in cash or can be paid by mortgaging assets. Most people do not have access to such a large amount of sum to pay for the legal procedure. They can now contact bondsmen to ensure the safe release of the accused. The person will usually have to pay only ten per cent of the whole sum, and the bondsman will take care of the legal deeds. 

Now, after being released from jail, the defendant must follow some rules to avoid further legal complications. Continue reading this article to know how bail bonds can be revoked and what not to do if you are in a similar position. 

  1. After the release from jail, the defendant is expected to follow legal protocols. The accused is out on a bail; therefore, it is clear that he is not proven innocent. His case is not on trial yet, so he may utilize this freedom and time to hire the best possible lawyer to represent him for the trial. Whenever you decide to hire a lawyer, make sure you go through his records and take his experience into consideration. You need a shark who knows the nuances of the legal system and is confident about winning the case.
  2. The defendant cannot physically leave the state. The police and the legal authority expect to reach him all the time. Therefore, he cannot physically move to a different location to save himself from legal trouble. Any attempt to fleeing the country will further harm his status in the eye of the court. 
  3. If the defendant is failed to appear on any legal hearing, his bond is likely to be revoked. The bail bondsman will personally take him back to the jail if he fails to maintain any prior promises made while getting the bail. The person, who co-signed the bail bond, may also lose his assets mortgaged for the bail bond.

It is wise not to make careless mistakes while one is out on a bail bond. The defendant should focus on working with the best lawyers to get a fair trial.


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