Everything You Need to Know About Fitnessblender.

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victor freitas hOuJYX2K5DA unsplash

What is Fitnessblender?

Fitnessblender is a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers. On the channel, you will find exercise videos ranging from 5 to 30 minutes in length. It is worth noting that this channel usually posts its videos on Mondays and Wednesdays. The videos demonstrate how to perform either a high-intensity circuit or a low-intensity workout.

Benefits of Fitnessblender:

This YouTube channel has many benefits for both experienced fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike, such as: · You will learn a variety of exercises in a short amount of time.

· You will get an overview of the body in a short amount of time

· You can follow the workouts and achieve your fitness goals more easily since they are shorter than other workout videos (5-15 minutes)

· If you’re working out alone, Fitnessblender will provide you with encouragement. Some fitness bloggers who are paid to promote products on their channels are not as helpful as Fitnessblender. Fitnessblender is always supportive and encouraging for improving one’s fitness level. This YouTube channel does not sell any products. It is just about exercising without requiring expensive equipment or memberships to gyms.

What does Fitnessblender do?

Fitnessblender provides balanced exercise routines for those who want to stay fit but don’t have much time in their schedule or any additional equipment (e.g. gym memberships). In particular, Fitnessblender focuses on six major areas of the body: 

· Arms

· Back

· Chest

· Legs and butt

· Shoulders and abs. 

Fitnessblender usually creates two types of workouts: circuits (where you will perform a different exercise for a specific part of your body in rapid succession) and strength workouts (where you will perform one exercise for a specific part of your body for several repetitions).

How to use it?

Fitnessblender is a YouTube channel where you will find a video exercise video (approx. 30 minutes long) that you can choose to watch. You can do the exercises at home or use them as part of your routine with some modifications.

Best way to use Fitnessblender:

Fitnessblender’s videos are great for those who are:

· new to working out and want an easy-to-follow workout that will not hurt your knees or back

· pressed for time (e.g. a frequent business traveler)

· are impatient and looking for a quick workout. 

Fitnessblender works well with beginners because you can follow the exercises easily and modify them depending on your fitness level. For example, if you’re having trouble with a particular exercise, you can choose to skip it or try it at a slower pace.

Exercises they focus on:

The exercises in Fitnessblender’s videos are great for beginners since they are easy to follow. They will not hurt your knees, back, or any other part of your body. There is a variety of exercise videos and you will always be learning new things.

Fitnessblender’s exercises cover the following major muscle groups: 

· Arms

· Back/Neck

· Chest and abs

· Legs/Hips/Butt

· Shoulders/Arms

That being said, there are many similar videos where an exercise targets the same muscle group (e.g., chest and back). This has a positive and a negative aspect. The positive aspect is that you will learn different exercises that target the same muscle group but with different repetitions, sets, etc. The negative aspect, however, is that you will be doing similar exercises over and over again.

Pros and cons of using Fitnessblender:

In general, Fitnessblender’s videos are great for beginners because they provide an overall view of what the body looks like. This means that no matter where you are in your fitness journey (beginner or advanced), there will always be something new for you to learn. While some exercise videos focus on one part of the body only (e.g. legs), Fitnessblender is great because they provide you with an overall view of the body.

· The positive aspect of doing similar exercises over and over again is that these videos are highly effective. For example, doing a push-up workout where you will do push-ups multiple times will most likely cause muscle soreness if you are a beginner. This muscle soreness is very beneficial for your muscles as it signals them to grow bigger and stronger, which makes them less prone to injury.

On Fitnessblender’s channel, there are many workouts that aim to target a certain part of the body during each workout session (e.g., arms or back). So, if you are doing a workout that targets the arms, you will be doing exercises for the arms for approximately five minutes. For example, on this video workout , the first exercise is a 15-minute push-up workout and the second exercise is a 30-second bicep curl. So, if you want to focus on your arms, you can perform several repetitions of push-ups before moving onto another exercise such as bicep curls. The negative aspect of Fitnessblender’s videos is that there are only two people posting videos: Billy and Cassey.


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