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Are you trying to lose weight and keep your fitness on track? These calculators balance the amount of calories needed for your goal and the number of minutes required for cardio or interval workouts.”

Fitness and Health Calculators | dnd health calculator

Have you ever been struggling to save more time, burn more fat, or get in shape? Fitness and health calculators offer a complete app with every calculation you could want. 

From how many miles run per day to calorie intake activities like fasting, the handy apps will be helping you achieve your goals. And best of all — it’s totally free! So go ahead and download these must-have apps. Get fit today!

Using the Health and Fitness Calculators is simple; you just need to enter your goal, body measurements, and other relevant details. 

The apps will then calculate the number of calories you need to eat per day, how many minutes of exercise you need to perform each day, etc. Once you enter this information into the app, it will automatically make a chart for your reference.

This tool provides simple solutions for users who are looking for workout tips and good tips for weight loss.

Some of the best health and fitness calculators are :

1.My Fitness Pal –

 Free Health and Fitness Tracker for iPhone, iPad, Android & Kindle Fire/Android Tablets.

Calories burned, steps walked, running/walking routes & more!Fitness Tracker Software for Weight Loss & Management, Step Counts & Calories Burned, Heart Rate Monitor & More!- Designed for Men and Women who Want to Track Weight Loss or Monitoring their Fitness Level in Exercise!- FREE Fitbit Recipes for Recipes on your computer or tablet with!

– Knows your Body and Calculations, Just Enter Your Height, Weight and Age and it will do the Calculations for You.

– BMR Calorie Counter to determine your Ideal Body Weight.- Find out what kind of diet you should be following, High Carbohydrate Diet for Athletic Strength, Low Protein Diet for Gaining Muscle Mass

.- Know how many calories to lose weight, maintain or gain weight based on your current weight and goal.

2.FinCalc Pro – 

The Best Calorie Calculator App: Based on the Harris Benedict Equation (calorie calculator) –

Fincalc Pro is a very easy to use calorie calculator (calories burned app).

 Based on the Harris Benedict Equation, the app calculates your calories burned based on your weight and height. 

With FinCalc Pro, users can enter their desired weight or your current weight for a calorie deficit or surplus.

3.MFA Calorie Tracker –

MFA Calorie Tracker is a simple and fast calorie calculator that shows how many calories you should consume per day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app also includes a 7-day food diary.

4. MyFitnessPal –

MyFitnessPal is an easy to use calorie counter/calculator where you can calculate your daily macronutrient requirements, track calories from various foods, log exercises and view other health related stats. 

Users can also scan products’ barcodes to see nutritional information.

5. Health & Fitness Calculators-

Health & Fitness Calculators is a free app that allows you to convert between calories, carbs, fat and protein. You can calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) with this app. 

Health & Fitness Calculators also includes several calculators to help with your fitness goal including distance calculator, BMI calculator, weight loss calculator, body fat calculator etc.

6. Cardio Calorie Calculator –

The Cardio Calorie Calculator is an easy to use app for iPhone, iPad & Android. Take your workout to the next level by tracking calories burned while working out.

 Log workouts into the app to easily calculate calories burned with over 50 exercises! With Cardio Calorie Calculator, users can calculate their daily caloric intake, set daily calorie goals and track progress over time!

7. Interval Timer + –

Interval Timer + is an easy-to-use interval timer with voice alerts for each repetition in the interval. The app includes a timer with voice cues for each repetition during HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and circuit training workouts.

8. Stopwatch –

Stopwatch is an easy to use stopwatch that features voice, background and screen prompts for each interval.

 Whether you’re performing intervals or timing recovery periods after intense workouts, Stopwatch will keep you on track. Stopwatch also includes several timers for different sports, including golfing, running, weightlifting & more!

9. Calculators Lite – 

Calculators Lite is a free calculator app with multiple calculators. 

You can view food values in English and Metric units with the list of over 200 foods available in the App. Select your Foods from the app’s food list to view values in grams (g), ounces.


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