Five Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Fitness Classes Experience

fitness classes
fitness classes

Fitness classes are one of the best ways to build endurance, get in shape, and have fun. However, if you’ve taken more than one class in the past, you know that not every instructor is created equal. Some will want you to work harder than others; some will help motivate you better than others; and some instructors just might be easier to take a joke from. Ah, the fitness class experience. We’ve all been there: tons of new faces, high-intensity music, and an instructor that looks like they could snap you in half with one hand. It can be intense, but—surprise!—it only takes a few minutes to glean what you need to know about this latest workout craze.

This post Flyany City  is all about five moments that basically sum up your fitness class experience — see if they ring true with your experience.

1. The instructor who’s serious about the class

This is a good thing! A majority of fitness classes are no joke, so you want an instructor who will take the workout seriously. This could mean a few things: You may be expected to perform full repetitions of each exercise, for example; or you may be expected to give it your all — and if you don’t, you know that the instructor will stop you and warn you to try harder next time.

That said, this type of instructor is great because they ensure that everyone goes hard during the workout. Plus, they set a great example by running around with their students and working their hardest as well — it’s contagious!

2. The funny instructor

Everyone loves a funny instructor — they’re the ones that make you forget you’re working out and make you want to come back just because they made you laugh. This kind of instructor will alternate between hilarious jokes, a few puns, and some serious motivation to help get all their students through the workout. A few examples of these kinds of instructors: your social media fit friends who post workout videos making fun of themselves or an Instagram fitness star who is known for her bawdy sense of humor.

3. The instructor who makes you feel good about your abilities

No matter how fit you are, not everyone has the same fitness level — or the same attitude. A great instructor will keep the tone at a happy medium, which is important for ensuring that beginner students don’t feel discouraged and that more advanced students don’t get bored.

4. The instructor who will get in your face

If you know this person, know that they mean business — and you better be prepared to give it everything you have! These kinds of instructors may run around with their students while they exercise, try to encourage them through a tough workout, or both. The best ones do a little of each.

As we mentioned, these instructors are great because they make you feel like you have to give it your all. Plus, some are known for using their physicality to help motivate their students — such as encouraging them to work harder by running around them, or jumping up and down with them while they perform an exercise.

5. The instructor who fights fire with fire

The best fitness class instructors know how to build competition between students in a good way. They’re the ones who will encourage one student to give it their all, then turn to another and challenge them to match that intensity.

These instructors are best because not only do they keep the workout at a high level of intensity, but they also help get their students in tip-top shape. If you want to keep up with a class like this, make sure you’re as prepared as possible — you know what we mean.

That said, here’s a pro tip for all you fitness class aficionados out there — know when you need to take a break. Everyone needs a day or two to rest and recuperate from their hard work, so make sure you’re listening to your body! If something doesn’t feel right — if you feel really tired one day or if an exercise just seems out of reach today — don’t be afraid to skip your workout. Your body needs rest sometimes and that’s okay!


No matter which type of fitness class instructor you prefer, what matters is that you have one on your side. A good class instructor is the difference between crushing a workout and feeling totally defeated. If you’re not sure that you have an instructor like this, then check out our list of fitness classes in your area. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your classes!


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