Gym equipments for home that make your home workout perfect

victor freitas Pnm 9vBEQhk unsplash
victor freitas Pnm 9vBEQhk unsplash

Gym equipment for home? Which one is best for you? 

This  have collected 14 common fitness equipment that can be used to do at home. We hope that this equipment will help your home workout perfectly.

1) Pull up bar: 

It can assist you to train the muscles in your upper body, mainly the back, arms and abs. 

You can also do some core exercises on this bar, such as a wheel roll out or hanging leg raise with the bar. 

2) Dumbbell set: 

This is essential equipment for muscle building exercises because it helps you focus on different muscle groups during workouts. 

You can do free weights, i.e. dumbbells, and weight plates for dumbbell exercises and barbells and weighted plates for barbell exercises. 

3) Resistance bands: 

The resistance bands are good for less strenuous muscle building workouts, suitable for people who are looking to maintain their fitness level or those who are not interested in serious muscle building. 

4) Stair stepper: 

Its benefits are reduced stress on the knees/knees, increased aerobic activity which helps muscles endurance, increased heart rate to go with it, you can also do some ab crunches on this thing if you want an ab workout that is more challenging. 

5) Plyometrics: 

This equipment is essential for any exerciser who wants to build up their speed and agility.

 He or she needs to be fast in order to increase the level of the body’s ability that will eventually lead to athletic success. It can help you change your body in a quick period of time. 

6) Weighted Vest: 

This equipment offers many benefits, such as improving muscle endurance, increasing muscle mass and reducing fat.

 It also creates a challenge against gravity, therefore doing pull-ups and chin-ups on it is safe and beneficial for one’s health and fitness level. 

7) Yoga Mat: 

It offers all the benefits of a traditional yoga mat such as extra grip, protects your skin from sweat and bacteria, and ease your body in doing yoga movements. You can easily transport it. 

8) Progression Ladder: 

This equipment can help you do exercises in a more effective way because you can change the length of the rope to increase resistance.

Therefore a small gain in a ladder with a longer rope will bring about a much greater challenge than fewer changes on a shorter one. 

It is not only an efficient fitness product but also convenient for use at home. 

9) Treadmill: 

The treadmill is a great piece of equipment to break up the monotony of running outside and also allows you to control the intensity of your workout.

 It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much space for storage. The treadmill can help you burn more calories than any other piece of fitness equipment. 

The calorie calculator on your machine can help you easily track how many calories you’re burning as well as your activity level the entire time. 

10) Gym Ball: 

The gym ball is an equipment that allows the person exercising to move more freely and achieve greater levels of intensity to build muscle. 

The gym ball can also help you improve core strength, balance, trunk stability, arm strength and flexibility. 

By using the gym ball during fitness exercises, you can boost your performance in your muscle building progress. 

11) Pulsing Bands: 

This piece of equipment is like a simple resistance band but only its surface is vibrating. It can be considered as a fidget toy. 

However, the difference between it and the regular resistance bands is that it has many vibrating options within one band. Therefore, it is simple to change the level of the vibration.

 There are three bands; red, white and blue. No matter which color you choose, you can get a different intensity of vibrations. 

You also need to use the tension knob on the side to increase or decrease the muscle stimulation. 

The pulsing band can be used in so many ways for different fitness levels and benefits, such as building muscle mass and increasing endurance. 

12) Medicine Ball: 

The medicine ball is usually made of rubber or plastic with heavy material inside that makes it easy for people to exercise with it.

 It’s not for throwing around but rather tossing back and forth between two users while performing an exercise that works out your entire body at once. 

13) Stability Ball: 

The stability ball is a smaller version of the medicine ball that works as a resistance against gravity.

 It can help you build up your upper and lower body muscles, and it’s very easy to use due to its user-friendly design. 

14) Exercise Ball: 

The exercise ball, which is the largest of the equipment that are listed here, is actually just a piece of rubber with two handles attached to it. 

However, it comes in different sizes with accompanying exercises. The exercises are usually performed on the ground or on a mat with weights added for more intensity. 


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