Here Are The Advantages Of Saliva Drug Test Kits.


If you are an employer, you need to be aware of the benefits of using saliva drug test kits. Using these kits will not only help ensure that your employees are safe but will also prove to be a cost-effective method for testing them. Today, many companies are getting the benefits that a saliva drug test kit can provide them. It is even suggested that at least a quarter of companies have started using them. It can be really helpful for them because it will help save money on parking fees, staff costs, sick leave, and other costs that may go along with drug testing. This article will provide you with the information that will allow you to choose the right saliva drug test kit, and we’ll outline some benefits that may surprise you.

1) Saliva Drug Test Kits Do Not Require Any Discomfort: 

Saliva drug test kits do not require a painful draw because they collect their sample from inside your mouth, which is where most drugs reside anyway, thus eliminating any privacy concerns.

2) Saliva Drug Test Kits Are Easy To Use: 

Saliva drug test kits can be used by anybody, even those that don’t have any medical training. It is easy to figure out how to use the saliva drug test kit.

3) Saliva Drug Test Kits Require No Sample Collection: 

Most drug tests must apply pressure or pain. Using a saliva drug test kit, you do not need to collect any samples because this product will create a solution in your mouth, which can then be sent on its way to detect the chemicals.

4) Saliva Drug Test Kits Do Not Determine A Positive Or Negative Result: 

Unlike urine or blood testing, at which a positive or a negative result can be determined, saliva drug test kits only determine the presence of certain chemicals. That said, it would be difficult to determine a positive or negative outcome because this is not an easy process to accomplish.

5) Saliva Drug Test Kits Are Affordable: 

Saliva testing is much more affordable than other types of drug testing. This is because, unlike urine and even blood testing, you don’t need to extract any samples from the subject or use any chemicals, either. Instead, all you need is the kit and purchase it.

6) Saliva Drug Test Kits Are Quick and Convenient: 

Saliva drug test kits are quick and convenient because you do not have to wait days or weeks for your sample to be analyzed. Instead, just follow the instructions and place the kit in your mouth. The results will appear immediately on the test strip.

How Do Saliva Drug Test Kits Work?

When you buy a saliva drug test kit, it comes with the necessary equipment that anybody can use. This kit contains both the oral fluid collector and the drug testing solution. How it works is pretty simple – when you place this unit in your mouth, it will collect your saliva and create a sample that is being sent to the lab for analysis. But, of course, you will have a positive or negative result when this happens.

What is the cost of saliva drug test kits?

The cost of this kit is low, especially when you consider getting a three-in-one kit. You get the oral fluid collector, the solution needed for the test, and a plastic carrying case, which allows you to create your solution later when it needs to be replaced. The cost ranges from $35 to $50. Of course, the exact amount that you spend on it will depend on how long it will take for your company to go through the first batch of this product.


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