Is It Just Me, or Is Interior Design Totally Overrated?

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Great question. Interior design has been a popular career choice for many years, but is it really deserving of the attention it gets? And what about all those recent growing trends like graphic design with sarah bartholomew interior design and architecture? What should you choose to be a part of your life and future? Let’s find out.

1. Basic human needs

Humans need shelter, food and water. When any one of these is lacking, people suffer. When we’re surrounded by clean and beautiful design that meets all of these needs, it makes our lives better.

2. A rewarding job

Designers create things that help others. Think about the feeling you get when you see a beautifully designed thing in a store or magazine or art gallery: you know that person spent time and effort on it, which means they probably enjoy what they do. Design helps people see the world in a new way and makes us appreciate beauty more.

3. Freedom from environment  (graphic design) or architecture (architecture)

You have to worry about the way your space looks when you move into it and make repairs after a long day at work or an event. It’s much easier to make design decisions if you aren’t tied down by your home’s structure (or lack of it). Consider this: some people want to leave their house every day, making them nomads as they travel around. Graphic design allows them to travel around with their ideas, fostering creativity in other areas of life while they serve as temporary housing for those ideas. Architecture is the same way: you can take your concept of a house, office or apartment anywhere in the world, just make sure it’s  on  paper.

4. Low cost

You don’t have to be an interior designer or architect to make or improve things around your home. You can set up a fun room like a playroom for kids, remodel an existing room (like your kitchen) or even redesign an entire floor of a house with pieces from IKEA. You can make things that are useful and beautiful � no interior design experience required!

5. It’s not just you

It seems like every celebrity has a designer that they work with to make sure their homes are perfect. There are also plenty of movie theaters, restaurants and hotels that have their own designers or interior designers to help them out. But if everyone wants it, we might not be doing something right.

6. You can’t make money off it

If you want to make a living off of interior design, you could do what Anya Hindmarch does and start your own fashion line that includes things like handbags, shoes and other accessories. IKEA’s designers also get a decent amount of money from everything made from their designs. But if you want to make a career out of it – and not just be a hobby for your free time – you’ll probably have to find a more traditional job first.

7. It’s not practical

There are plenty of amazing things I’ve admired about interior design, like the fact that Stephenie Meyer decorated her writing office with photos and movie posters that inspired her story lines so she wouldn’t get writer’s block, but I would never want to be one of those people who works full-time designing homes or offices because it would take up way too much time and I’d be afraid if I couldn’t make my rent.

8. You make things look just like someone else’s

It’s fun to imagine what your house would look like with a different color on the walls or new pieces of furniture, but it takes a lot more time and effort than you’d think. Don’t get me wrong – I do this too sometimes – but a lot of designers just want to make things look pretty � not for their own homes, which is why they’re also called “decorators”.

9. It’s not creative

Look at the different types of painting that are recreated in galleries and museums. Look at the different types of drawing that you see in artwork. If a designer is just making stuff look pretty, they’re not really using their creativity.

10. You’ll lose your creativity

If you’re a hobbyist who’s just trying to make things pretty, don’t worry about it too much because you won’t lose your creativity in the process of designing things for others. But if you want to make it a career, you need to stop thinking about it as something interesting to do for fun and make sure you do enough work so that you don’t lose your creative side as well.


Whether you’re starting out in a career that you didn’t choose and are trying to find your niche, or if you’re well on your way in the field and have decided that interior design is really meant for you, there’s no doubt that it’s a great career choice. But before you can enjoy it, the time has come to find out how interior design truly affects others. How do people see a home that has been completely redone? How do they feel when they walk into a beautiful space? On such questions lies the best way to get in touch with your true calling.


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