Management: Tips and Strategies for Business Leaders


If you’re in a position of leadership, you probably already know how difficult it is to balance everything. There will always be one more meeting to go to, one more call to make, and deadlines that feel impossible. How would it be possible to take care of all of this and do your job well?

There are times when it’s impossible to ignore that low feeling in your stomach when you realize all the work that still needs to be done and how many hours are left before it’s due. Remember to take time to relax, spend more time on what matters most, and remember the following advice from Clean ERSJ :

1. Prioritize tasks- which ones are the most urgent? Which ones can wait? 

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate- do everything you can to get the help you need. 

Bottom line: no one person can do everything.  

3. Take breaks- find ways to refresh yourself so that you don’t burn out

4. Don’t be afraid of failure- so many people feel pressure not to fail or feel inadequate because they have given up their dream of being successful at some time in the past. It’s important to remember that failure is not the end and that you can still make the same mistakes and learn from them.

5. Stay in touch with your career- take time to update your resume, network and build a relationship with someone in the industry. These people will be an invaluable resource when you need information or advice about jobs and internships.

Satisfaction of making a contribution

Before you start getting discouraged by all too much work to do, remember that any job is worthwhile if it pays well or brings you the satisfaction of making a contribution to mankind.

There are times when you will veer off course or get so focused on work that it consumes or entire day/week/month/season .

  • Bodywork
  • Communication 
  • Economics 
  • Financial literacy 
  • Human Resources 
  • Interview preparation 
  • Marketing 

Mentoring and Coaching 

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1) Your business is built on relationships. 

Make the effort to build rapport with people you meet, be proactive and proactive. 

2) Consultants are an excellent resource to use. 

Not only are they reliable but they will give you great feedback that can potentially help your business grow, or at least broaden your knowledge base. 

3) Keep up with the Joneses. 

Be conscious of what other businesses are doing in your industry and take notes on what’s working for them so that you can emulate them or at least learn from them. Be discerning about how to go about this though, because if you imitate things that aren’t working for others it may pave the way for failure before success.

4) Always be willing to learn. 

There is always something new out there that can help your business grow. It just depends on how much you put into it.

5) Always listen. 

Be willing to listen to other people’s ideas and suggestions, even if you don’t want to act on them right away. Being open to others’ ideas will not only help you learn but it will also allow for growth in your business because others can give you outside perspectives.

6) Stay in touch with the community 

Where you live or work so that you continue to meet great people who can potentially help your business grow or give it a boost of new energy. 

7) Be a passionate advocate for your business. 

There are so many people out there that are just doing it because they have to, or have to have something. Before you know it, your business will become something that is done by someone else.

8) Learn the basics of how to raise capital. 

It’ll help you keep your business afloat if one day things go haywire and can give you a leg up on other businesses in the future. 

9) Don’t fall for myths or false promises about how easy it is to be an entrepreneur. 

Sure, there are people who manage to do well with their own business but very few achieve success because the odds are stacked against them from the start. It’s not easy and even if it seems like you’re doing well, you can still fall on your face any day of the week.

10) Be ready to take risks. 

If you’re not willing to lose everything that you’ve worked for then it may be best for you to stay out of entrepreneurship and be more content on working for someone else. 

11) Consider the fact 

That maybe this is not something that you want to do after all, and if so, don’t beat yourself up about it. It is far better to fake it till you make it than to keep beating your head against a wall trying to get something going when all signs point toward failure.


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