Marijuana Etiquette Faux Pas for Cannabis Users to Avoid

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It isn’t difficult to see why so many people enjoy cannabis. Not only can marijuana use help with a variety of mental health problems, it can relieve a number of physical issues, as well. For example, chronic pain sufferers and those dealing with insurmountable stress levels can benefit from smoking weed. However, whether you’re using cannabis recreationally or for medical reasons, it’s important that you avoid certain faux pas. Cannabis enthusiasts who pride themselves on politeness would do well to avoid the following etiquette blunders. 

Putting Pressure on Non-Cannabis Enthusiasts

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who relishes being pressured to do things they have no desire to do. While the person doing the pressuring may think that they have the other party’s best interests at heart, peer pressure is never welcomed or appreciated. Just because you have a highly positive opinion of cannabis doesn’t mean everyone around you is going to feel the same. While not seeing eye-to-eye on certain issues with your favorite people can certainly be frustrating, it’s important that you respect their views and avoid forcing your opinions on them. 

For instance, if a friend makes it clear that they have absolutely no interest in smoking weed, it behooves you to respect their decision. No matter how much you think they stand to benefit from changing their stance, refusing to relent is liable to place a real strain on your relationship with this person. You’re certainly free to volunteer your opinion on the matter, but once it becomes clear that the other party is not receptive, you should consider the matter closed.  

Attempting to “Stealth Smoke” 

If smoking isn’t allowed in a certain location or the people around you have requested that you not do it in their presence, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you comply. Regardless of how badly you want to light up, attempting to “stealth smoke” – i.e., smoking while concealing what you’re doing – is unlikely to work out in your favor. 

For starters, even if the people you’re with are too polite or embarrassed to call out what you’re doing, there’s virtually no chance that they won’t notice it. Secondly, doing this in a place where smoking is forbidden is liable to get you reprimanded or banned or land you in legal trouble. Not only can this prove tremendously embarrassing for you, it can be downright humiliating for the people you’re with. So, if you won’t swear of stealth smoking for your own sake, do it for the people in your life. No matter how good you think you are at concealing what you’re doing, smoking is not an act that one can easily hide. Canadian cannabis lovers looking for more info on why stealth smoking is a bad idea or great marijuana in Toronto should get in touch with a highly-rated dispensary.   

Presuming You Can Smoke in the Homes of Others 

You may think it’s reasonable to assume that you can smoke marijuana in the homes of friends, family members and close acquaintances. In fact, a number of these individuals may be totally fine with it. However, presuming that everyone in your life is cool with this stands to land you in some truly awkward situations. 

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid assuming you can smoke in someone else’s residence. If you absolutely must light up when you’re visiting the home of a friend or family member, take care to ask for permission. Additionally, don’t make this request while you’re in the process of firing up a joint – but rather before even taking out your weed or lighter. 

Additionally, if you’re told no, avoid getting angry and/or demanding to know why not, as this will only serve to make the situation more uncomfortable for everyone. You should also make a point of asking for permission every time, regardless of whether certain people have said yes in the past.  

Being passionate about cannabis is perfectly understandable. Whether you enjoy it recreationally or use it for medicinal purposes, marijuana can have a tremendous impact on your life. However, this doesn’t mean that rules of basic courtesy don’t apply to cannabis lovers. No matter how much you enjoy marijuana, being respectful of friends, family members and other people in your orbit who don’t necessarily feel the same way is very important. In the interest of avoiding uncomfortable situations, take care to steer clear of the faux pas discussed above.  


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