Picking Your Romantic Honeymoon: 5 Destinations You Don’t Want To Miss


After the stress of planning your wedding and celebrating your nuptials, it’s time to take a break and enjoy the start of your life together. The biggest question being, where to first? Whether you are after the perfect sun-kissed beach or that cinematic romance, your dream destination is waiting just for you.

The Perfect Beach Retreat

The Caribbean is full of amazing beaches, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. However, if you are looking to chase the sun, consider booking an Eastern Caribbean cruise. From the pristine beaches of St. Kitts and Nevis to the historical streets of Puerto Rico, your tour will encompass some of the most romantic destinations the Caribbean has to offer. Each port will offer a new adventure to help fill every day with memories that will last you a lifetime. As you cruise around the islands, don’t forget to toast your happy future together as you watch the sunset into the sea.

The Exclusive Getaway

If looking to skip the crowds, make your way to French Polynesia for a vacation that is both luxurious and private. Whether booking an over-the-water bungalow or a spa retreat, you have plenty of options to help make the honeymoon one you’ll never forget. When planning this exclusive getaway, be sure to account for travel time, as this small island destination will take you across the globe. As you wake up each morning in this veritable paradise, you and your partner can start the day walking along a private beach as the waves lap at your feet. These Polynesian islands are the perfect way to take a break from the world and start your new lives together.

The Wild Adventure

Some couples bond over adventure, but how do you bring that to your honeymoon without giving up the romance? For adventure lovers, consider booking an African safari for your travels. As you make your way through the continent, you can explore different sanctuaries to see some of the most incredible animals on the planet. Each night, you can stay in luxurious resorts providing you the perfect blend of luxury and adventure. This honeymoon requires a bit of extra planning, so be sure to take the time to make advanced reservations and review any vaccinations or health checks you may need for your visas. Finally, don’t forget to pack a camera to help you remember all the amazing sites you’re about to see. 

The Natural Retreat

While there are plenty of places in the world to enjoy nature, none offer the exclusivity of Ecuador. Home to remote forests and ecological wonders, this small South American country offers natural marvels to make your honeymoon incredible. When visiting, be sure to take the time to visit the Galapagos islands to see one of the most exclusive sites in the world. During your visit, you can fill each day exploring forests, mountains and islands. Don’t forget, however, to take the time to explore the open-air markets and colorful cities for a taste of some of the extraordinary culture here. Ecuador is the ideal destination for those seeking a nature-themed romantic escape.

The Cinematic Romance  

When picturing a dream honeymoon, the architecture of Europe beckons to many. Perhaps one of the most iconic romantic vacations is aboard the Orient Express. This train journey takes you across Europe while nestled in the lap of luxury. You can pick your starting and endpoint, but those who are after the cinematic experience would be remiss to skip the canals of Venice or the streets of Paris. You and your spouse will wake up each day in a new site surrounded by the bounty of Europe. Whether you want to socialize with other passengers or spend time just yourselves, travel for a few days or few weeks, this incredible train offers something for everyone.

Congratulations on your wedding. Wherever you go, enjoy the start of your lifetime of happiness together.


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