Reason Why Skyrim Keep Crashing Randomly

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diego ph BCuxVP5WEsU unsplash

Skyrim is being developed by Bethesda Game Studios and is a massive, open-world game set in the fictional province of Tamriel. 

It was released on November 11, 2011 and has been named the Most Played Game of All Time. Over 210 million copies have been sold worldwide.

The most common cause for crashes would be that you may have hit some invisible walls, which are usually due to having too many mods downloaded or uninstalled saved games left in your ~/Documents/My Games folder. 

A few other possible causes are listed below.

Another common cause of random crashes is to have used too many texture mods. 

The more texture mods you have in your game, the slower it gets, and thus more prone to crashing. 

It’s recommended to stick with only one quality-changing texture mod at a time (such as Skyrim HD or Realistic Texture Overhaul), or none at all. 

Having more than one causes you to have a big performance loss and thus make the game crash more often than without.

Another cause for random crashes is using an ENB series file with your game. 

Most effects will not work with these files and can cause the game to crash.

Another common cause for crashes is the use of Colorful Weathers for Skyrim (or any weather mod). 

This can be highly beneficial, but in cases where it’s not all that great, it can be deadly. 

The crushes are caused by different bugs within the weather files that prevent proper weather from working as intended. 

When this happens, no matter what weather mod you have installed, you will always have a chance of crashing and getting into an unplayable situation. For example:


Skyrim is developed by Bethesda Game Studios and is a massive, open-world game set in the fictional province of Tamriel. 

It was originally released on November 11, 2011 and has been named the Most Played Game of All Time. 

Over 210 million copies have been sold worldwide. 

While it still receives frequent updates, the developers are adamant that players stay up to date for future patches. 

Users report that Skyrim is capable of running even on older computers, though you will need to ensure there are enough resources available to make this as smooth as possible.

Through your own personal preference and choosing which mods to use will largely depend on what kind of gameplay you desire. 

Some may wish to increase the level of challenge while others may opt to broaden the notion of exploration. 

Creating your own character can be just as fun as exploring the world around you. 

With the right configuration, you can play through Skyrim and create a unique experience with each playthrough. 

The following mods are suggestions that can help streamline gameplay and enhance your experience.

You will find some issues with regards to clothing when playing this game, especially for female characters.

 If you want clothing that matches up well with your body, consider downloading UNP Female Body Renewal . 

This mod creates a new texture for female characters and also enables better texture for even more outfits in Skyrim. 

For weapons, download Gwelda Armor Pack . 

This will allow you to outfit your character in several new armor sets and armors to use in the game.


Many players find the difficulty level in this video game too easy. 

There are mods that can address this problem. For example, download Dragon Combat Overhaul for Skyrim . 

This mod is designed for those who want more diversity in the various combat scenarios that can arise during gameplay. 

If you find it annoying when people shout at you all of the time, consider downloading No NPC Greetings . 

This mod helps you maintain a peaceful setting and avoid all of the unsolicited comments from others while still maintaining a social environment.

One of the most popular mods among gamers is called Holidays . 

This mod adds new events and holidays to the game, including the Imperial City Festival, which is more like a mini-game. 

You have to get through all of the different events in order to win a lot of money. skyrim crash on fast travel

Sometimes you need to play Skyrim on portable devices such as a laptop. 

To make this possible, you should consider downloading SKSE64 . 

One of the features included in this mod is that it allows you to save your game anywhere without having to worry about getting attacked constantly by dragons or other monsters. 

If you are looking for other mods that allow for extended gameplay or fun activities, consider downloading Christmas Is Coming – Final . 

This mod adds Christmas Edition to the game.

Many players of Skyrim are always looking for ways to improve their gaming experience. 

You can find every possible enhancement you could want in the internet if you know where to look. 

If you’re looking for a quick update to your game, consider downloading ENB 5.0 . 

This is a large resource pack that comes with some new features and enhancements that can help improve your gameplay experience going forward. 

There is also SCS Realtime Billboards . 


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