Reasons why ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction

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tim mossholder tq8Cuap8 wY unsplash

Ichigo is a soul reaper who has the ability to see zanpakuto spirits or shinigami. 

His first time seeing these spirits was after his fight with Inoue at the karakura town park.

He later meets with Rukia Kuchiki, who was injured as she tried to save him from being killed by a hollow.

Rukia informs ichigo of the existence of soul reapers and zanpakuto spirits as well as 

some other lifeforms that are humanoid in shape but different in intelligence.

Inoue, who was at the karakura town park earlier had sensed a change in ichigo and noticed the presence of a spirit behind him which she thought was a hollow.

After Ichigo’s fight with a hollow, rukia took him to the soul society to become a shinigami and train under byakuya kuchiki.

In soul society, Ichigo meets with more zanpakuto spirits from various squads. 

He trains under byakuya and gets stronger by training with renji abarai from squad 6.

 He also meets with kisuke urahara, who trains him with the help of yhwach allowing him to use bankai.

When ichigo reached zanpakuto level 3 he met his zanpakuto spirit kisuke urahara. 

Ichigo is taught how to use his guardian spirit rukia’s power and also how to restore his lost powers.

After releasing te quilava ichigo is challenged by yhwach, who commands hollows that were under him to fight ichigo.

 ichigo manages to defeat all the hollows and yhwach controls the remaining ones under his orders to kill ichigo which he does later on at the war stadium.

After defeating yhwach, all the remaining hollows return to their normal form and ichigo becomes a soul reaper in the real world once again.

Ichigo becomes a soul reaper in order to protect his friends and family from hollows and other 

threats that might endanger them.

Because of ichigo’s determination he is able to master bankai within a short period of time. 

He has also mastered some high level techniques such as kido spells and shunpo in order 

to defend himself and others from enemies who pose a threat to him and his loved ones.

In order to protect his loved ones from hollows ichigo is able to activate the ability of a zanpakuto spirit called te quilava which can be used as a shield.

Ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit is called te quilava and it has the appearance of a butterfly. 

It also has different forms and abilities depending on ichigo’s current fighting abilities and the extent of his injuries.

Reasons why ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits:

Ichigo was able to see the presence of an unknown spirit near him after he had fought with a hollow.

It is assumed that the zanpakuto spirits are spirits that are bound

to a soul reaper or an ordinary human by a soul reaper.

 That is why ichigo saw the zanpakuto spirit near him after he had become a soul reaper.

The first time ichigo released his bankai, he activated abarai’s shikai ability which enabled him to counter his Hollow form.

Ichigo was able to communicate with rukia’s zanpakuto spirit te quilava without her being there. 

Rukia states that this is because te quilava was created from

her energy and can be used as an extension of rukia’s power at any time. 

The zanpakuto spirits are similar to the soul reapers in this aspect since they can also use each other’s powers.

Ichigo was able to see the zanpakuto spirits because of his inner

Hollow’s ability to sense the spirit particles that are in the real world. 

when he saw kisuke urahara it is assumed that his hollow was reacting

to his energy when he tried to understand the spirit particles better.

The shinigami in soul society have no special abilities, however when ichigo became

a soul reaper in soul society he gained some abilities which allowed him to see zanpakuto spirits and use their powers. 

These abilities have to be the same as the abilities of shinigami in soul society or at least similar to them.

Another reason why ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits is because he feels something when he looks close at them. 

This feeling could be because of his inner hollow’s reaction to the presence of another spirit.

Because ichigo was able to see zanpakuto spirits he has become stronger and has learned some other high level techniques that are useful for fighting hollows.

Ichigo was also able to gain the ability to use shunpo by training with renji abarai from squad 6. 

He later meets sensei kisuke urahara who teaches him how to use shunpo freely. ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction

Ichigo has managed to master bankai which are the high level techniques that have been passed down within the soul society.

Ichigo’s ability to see zanpakuto spirits is because of his inner hollow, which is a being that 

he has battled during his time in soul society. It is speculated that because of this battle,


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