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denise jans OaVJQZ nFD0 unsplash

You can now buy tickets at the Treasure State Theater! We have all the new releases and classics, carried in by national distributors

. Feel free to browse our online inventory and purchase with your convenience – there is no need to plan ahead and miss out on a good deal. 

The theater has a beautiful stage, perfect for performances and small conferences. We have a concession stand as well as a small shop with the necessities.

 We have a good selection of snacks and drinks, so you can keep those cravings from getting too much… Good theater is hard to find now-a-days, so we hope you’ll find this place to be a great experience.

Showtime and tickets for movies bozeman :

1. The Greatest Showman (2017) –

With tickets, close to X-files and X-men dramas 3 and 5 with tickets and hard to find releases 4 and 5.

2. Logan- 

Movie starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, about a superhero in a dying time, the last of his kind.. with tickets for this one as well..( see below is a trailer ).

3. The Post-

 A drama on the story of former president John F Kennedy’s press officer Bob chase, who worked with the Washington Post to publish information on the Vietnam War. With tickets for this one!

4. Florence Foster Jenkins- 

On July 20th, 1946, Florence Foster Jenkins was singing at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.

 Despite her inability to sing, she would sing for two hours without repeating a note or stopping for supper…with tickets for this one!

5. Winchester – 

About Charlie Winchester who is an American sharpshooter of British heritage made world famous by killing more than 150 men during his service in Africa’s Boer War. With tickets for this one!

6. Sherlock Gnomes – 

The garden gnomes have lost their faith in the world and have gone missing. It’s up to their British detective Gnome Gnomes, Sherlock and Watson to save the world from a criminal mastermind! With tickets for this one!

7. A Quiet Place- 

A family must live life in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. With tickets for this one! This is a massive hit right now so please get your tickets ahead of time for this film..

8. Overboard – 

A snobby and wealthy socialite schemes to break up the marriage of a working class couple by having her husband carry out her revenge on them with a lie and deception. With tickets for this one!

9. Blockers-

Three parents try to stop their daughters from losing their virginity on prom night. With tickets for this one!

10. I Feel Pretty- 

An ordinary woman who, after suffering a head injury, gains enormous self-confidence in her physical appearance… While being delusional. With tickets for this one!

11. A Christmas Carol-

A Christmas Carol with tickets- 3D version . A famous theatre in Bozeman, MT with tickets for this one.

12. Beautiful Boy(R) – 

 about a father who must find a therapy for his son that has been addicted to drugs and alcohol since his teens, but whose addiction is now expanding into the sex trade. With tickets for this one!

13. Black Panther (R)- 

A young prince, who is next in line to the throne of a hidden, mystical nation finds his claim to the throne being challenged by a vengeful slave. With tickets for this one!

14. I Can Only Imagine (PG)-

 about the hit song “I Can Only Imagine”, which has become one of the most beloved songs in history. It’s also an incredible story of forgiveness and unconditional love. With tickets for this one!

15. Love, Simon(PG)- 

 A film about Simon Spier who falls in love with an anonymous classmate online… but does he really know her? With tickets for this one!

16. Green Book(PG) 

A Tony Award-winning, Oscar nominee that tells the unlikely true story of Don Shirley, a black musician who guides a wealthy white man through the Deep South of the 1960’s. With tickets for this one!

17. La La Land(PG)

 A romantic musical drama about a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress who are forced to face their fears and try to live their dreams against all odds. With tickets for this one!

18. Hellboy(PG)- 

A supernatural hero fights monsters, demons and Gods from across the dimensional barrier in a journey to discover his purpose. With tickets for this one!

19. Ferdinand(PG)- 

A gentle giant who would rather sit and smell the flowers than become a fierce fighting bull. But once he’s captured, Ferdinand must find the courage to be a true hero. With tickets for this one!

20. The Greatest Showman- 

A musical about the birth of show business set in the era of Barnum and P.T. Barnum’s creation of a circus that became a sensation throughout the world .


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