Ten Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Fitness Blogs Are Using This Technique For Exposure

Fitness blogs
Fitness blogs

With the recent boom of fitness blogs, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. How do bloggers share their routine and diet regimen without losing any followers? The answer might surprise you! This short blog post on Getwebsoup.com will give you ten mind-blowing reasons why fitness blogs are using this technique for exposure.

We’ve compiled a list of ten mind-blowing reasons why fitness blogs are using this technique for exposure. Whether they are showing off their abs, taking before and after pictures, or sharing their tips with viewers, there is so much that we can learn! We hope you enjoy learning more about this topic.

1. When Cute Is Better Than Fancy

We’ve seen a new trend emerge in the fitness blogging world. People love to showcase the more “fanciful” and “girly” side of their fashion. They don’t want to show their (often well-built) bodies. They want you to see them as they see themselves: girls, not as they see guys. This is especially true when it comes to social media and apps like Instagram, where people like to showcase their outfits and food choices first, rather than what’s going on with their bodies. It’s a way to express themselves and show off their cute side.

2. It Doesn’t Have To Be No Make-Up Selfie!

One of the reasons why you might not want to take a full-body photo is because you don’t always feel like wearing make-up. Some people look like they’re ready to go out to a business meeting with that gorgeous “after” picture, but when they look at the “before,” they realize that it’s more of an “in between” picture! Not all make-up looks good in pictures, but with the right light, it can look amazing and change how you see yourself (even if only for the moments before and after your photo shoot).

3. It’s Not The Same as a Before and After Picture!

While it’s true that you might be showing off your body, you’re also showing off what you did to get there. When people see the before and after in full-body pictures, they can’t possibly see every one of the smaller steps that lead up to their end result. This means that if someone sees a picture of an attractive woman with her hair done, make-up on, and dressed up in a fashionable outfit, it might lead them to think that she’s already thin. As we’ve discussed before, it’s not just about being thin. It’s about the journey to getting there, and part of that journey is dressing yourself up for your own confidence! 

4. They Want To Show Their Personality

When you’re thinking about creating a fitness blog or Instagram account, it can feel like you need to be in great shape first. But the truth is that no one expects you to be perfect right off the bat. By creating a variety of social media accounts, you open yourself up to provide more than just weight loss tips. You can give your followers insight into who you are as a person, what motivates you to continue your fitness journey, and even share quality time with friends and family!

5. It’s Not Just About Your Body

We hope that by now you realize that sharing pictures of your body doesn’t mean that you’re trying to look sexy or show off for the world. There are many reasons why people share pictures of their bodies, and it has more to do with the journey than the end result. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your own fitness journey, remember that you’re working on more than just your fit physique. You’re working on your mind, too!

6. It Gives People Something To Think About

Sometimes when people look at before and after pictures, they think about what could have caused the change in someone’s appearance. Maybe they want to know how often they work out or what kind of diet regimen they follow. They might ask themselves if they could do the same thing as someone else, or they might wonder how they got to be so lucky. 

7. They Want To Take Us Behind the Scenes

There’s a fine line between showing off too much and staying safe when it comes to social media. Some people simply want to make sure that their Instagram account is PG-rated enough so that family members can see it without getting upset about some of the pictures or captions. Others want to show off every aspect of their day-to-day life, from workouts and meals, to vacations and parties.

8. They Want To Be Different from Other Bloggers

Some people want to stand out from the crowd, and their way of doing that is by not posting the same type of pictures that everyone else does. Instead of sharing pictures of food or workouts, some bloggers will post pictures of their pet dogs or share fun anecdotes about something that happened over the weekend. They want to show off their unique personalities and share more than just what’s going on in their fitness life.

9. They Want to Control the Conversation

When you’re part of a team or when you set up your own personal blog, you have a lot of control over the conversation. You can choose to post about anything that’s on your mind. You can choose what types of posts get shared. You can choose who gets mentioned in each post. Most importantly, you can control when the conversation happens! When people see a picture and then hear about it, they’ll respond by asking questions and spreading the word themselves. 

10. They Want Their Friends To Love Them

Whether they’re trying to achieve a specific fitness goal, or they’re living their life authentically each and every day, people want their friends and family to love them. People want others around them to see how worthwhile they are as individuals and as a couple. These are the people that are going to be there for support when things get tough, and they want these others around them to be happy if something goes wrong. 


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