The problem of rapid ejaculation and how to get a longer erection


Male problems associated with the intimate side of life are not just erectile dysfunction – erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation occurs in men even more often than insufficient p*nile erection. The physical activity does not even begin and end. Rather than both participants would like. 

Since the partner does not have time to be satisfied, there is a feeling of disappointment on both sides. The question is what time limit for achieving ejaculation is considered normal and which is already beyond normal ejaculation. There are many men whose physical intercourse itself lasts less than a minute. If this problem continues for a long time, it needs to be solved.

Psychological causes

Some men experience low endurance, especially at the beginning of a relationship with a new partner. The stress of being able to satisfy it turns into the exact opposite, and ejaculation occurs prematurely. Young men who are starting physical activity find themselves in a similar situation. 

It is caused by high levels of hormones. In both cases, after some time, this problem will usually be solved on its own through new experiences. Another cause of rapid ejaculation is the prolonged absence of sexual intercourse. With regular love, the problem is corrected in this case as well. 

However, there is a group of men who suffer from premature ejaculation for a long time and are unable to cope with it. They may even fall into depression.

When it’s not about the psyche

Early ejaculation can be initiated by an auricle on the underside of the acorn, if shortened, but also by other congenital defects. The problem with a shortened bridle can be remedied by a simple operation. In addition, premature ejaculation can be caused by inflammation – acorns, foreskin, or prostate. 

The prostate is an important organ influencing potency and ejaculation. If her untreated inflammation has turned into a chronic disease, it can also cause a premature peak. In case of any unusual manifestations in the genital area, men should see a doctor who will rule out or confirm the disease and recommend remedial measures. 

If a man does not suffer from pain, frequent urination, itching, or other manifestations and is sure that the problem has its origin in the psyche, he can try to prolong the duration of the love act naturally. Before the planned intercourse, it is appropriate to masturbate, and after the quick climax to try a second round in a few minutes, which should have a better result. 

In case of a longer failure, medications can also come into play – doctors prescribe antidepressants and medicines to delay ejaculation. If men are more advocates of Fildena 100 or vigora 100, their use is appropriate vitamin to improve erection.

Many men have problems with endurance during love – after a few minutes, they are after the experience, and your half is disappointed and you even more. How to enjoy as long as possible and be happy?

Proper breathing

Many men are short of breath during foreplay because their partner is very exciting. It is important to breathe relatedly, not to let it ignite at the beginning. Train breathing during other strenuous physical activity, try and experiment. Proper breathing is important and can help increase your stamina many times over.

Don’t be selfish

Don’t be selfish in bed, take a short break, and try to pay attention to your partner. There may be more interruptions, depending on the situation.

Think of something asexual

If you think of an activity that is not related to love, you will feel the difference, but there is no need to exaggerate because you could lose your taste completely. Find an object that you will think about for a while. You will suppress your excitement.

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