The Ultimate Analytics Plug-in for Web and Mobile: Fast, Powerful and Beautiful


In this blog post, Afrohi Storama will introduce you to the wonders of the free Google Analytics plug-in for Web and mobile. It is a tool for all who want a quick insight into their website’s traffic, behaviour and conversions. 

Functionality: With Google Web & Mobile Analytics you can answer questions such as “How many impressions do I have every day?”, “What countries are my users from?” or “What was the ROI on my last campaign?”. 

Interface: The plug-in was created for webmasters, designers and business analysts. So it has also been designed for these target groups. The interface is very clear and comments are written in easy language.

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Thorough documentation: 

Google Web & Mobile Analytics comes with an extensive help file that provides background information on all of the functions that are integrated into the tool. There are also many tutorials available to guide you through your first steps in using Google Analytics.

Mobile: The mobile app provides you with a fresh and intuitive user experience. You might not even know that you are using the web interface.

What makes Google Analytics different from other analytics tools? There are many tools available on the market such as Piwik or Woopra, but they only provide limited access to your data. Google Analytics gives you access to your data anytime and anywhere, because it is available online on your computer, on your tablet or on your smartphone. This is made possible by the powerful interface of Google Web & Mobile Analytics.

How can I implement this tool? 

Google Web & Mobile Analytics does not need any IT background knowledge since it is just a plug-in for Chrome™. If you already have the Google Analytics website in your Chrome™ browser, just go to the menu “Tools” > “Extensions > Add to Chrome™” … and follow the steps. You can also install it directly from the official interface of Google Analytics.

What will I get out of it? The biggest advantages are immediately visible. Your website will be showcased in an easy to use interface, where you can see all traffic statistics for all websites that you visit on your smartphone or tablet. You can also create personalised reports based on specific questions without having to use complicated spreadsheet programs.

Which business is Google Analytics suitable for? 

Anyone who is involved in online marketing with websites or mobile apps can use Google Web & Mobile Analytics. The plug-in provides you with many functions, reports and settings that are ideal for measuring goals, tracking ROI or analysing your users.

Prerequisites: You do not need any IT skills to use this tool. It is also not necessary to have a website. If you have an Android™ device, it will automatically be tracked by the plug-in if you open it on your smartphone or tablet with Chrome™.

Data security & privacy:  Google Analytics complies with the EU law on data protection. The plug-in was designed for your safety and data security. Google Analytics does not save any personal data of Google users such as usernames or passwords. The code of the plug-in is available at the website of Chrome™ and can be checked by anyone who wishes to do so.

Want to see this tool in action? 

You can find many useful videos on YouTube that show you how simple it is to go through your website statistics and make reports with this tool .

Visualization: The most powerful feature is definitely visualization. Analyzing analytics can be done in a few clicks through charts and graphs that show the most important data points at a glance. 

Data Collection: The plug-in does not only collect data directly from Google Analytics, but also from other sources. This way, it is possible to find out things like: “How many pages do we have?” or “Where did our users come from?”

Integration with web analytics tools: 

The plug-in integrates with most of the major web analytics tools on the market. This allows you to make reports in one place and visualize your data. 

Google Analytics has recently released another feature which allows you to make custom reports which can be attached to your website, creating one click reporting for all the important metrics you track across your website.

Visual report: The plug-in comes with a powerful and intuitive visual report that lets you instantly see key aspects of your data. 

The Google Analytics plug-in for Web and mobile is one of the most useful pieces of software I have come across for analysis, visualization and integration with other tools. 

If you are using Google Analytics for web or mobile, I strongly recommend you use this plug-in. 

Where do you see the greatest possibility for improvement? 

Please share your thoughts in the comments!  We are looking forward to hearing from our readers. 

Easy Integration: The plug-in runs within the browser and does not require installation. After installation and authorization by Google, you can do everything you did before and get a beautiful dashboard straight away. 

Why use Google’s Analytics plug-in? The free version of this powerful tool runs in your browser without installing or installing any software. In addition, there is a paid premium version with interesting features such as campaign tracking, alerts and measures. 

Try the free Google Analytics plug-in for Web & Mobile to find out why so many users have already taken advantage of this cool tool. 


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