The Ultimate Ways to Spark Creativity During Work From Home

The Ultimate Ways to Spark the Creativity during Work from Home

With millions of people working from home, it is safe to say that remote working is not going away. Remote working has tons of benefits. People that were wishing for this experience got to try it. The credit goes to the pandemic. 

According to a recent survey, 9,000 respondents in Europe have shown more productivity due to remote working. However, the major setback of remote working is that it has limited creativity. The same survey showed that innovation has dramatically declined during the remote working phase. This isn’t shocking news for those who are part of this new work culture. 

The spontaneous meetups in the corridors to the completely random conversations happening beside the water cooler have more impact on a creative mind than it is credited. While there is a great possibility of collaborating and sharing ideas via online video calls during work from home but it can not take away the power of physical connection happening in the workplace. 

While there are a lot of factors that we can blame for the low creativity among employees working from home but let’s not get into that. However, what we will discuss here are the ways that can let the creative juices flow in the mind of remote workers. 

But before anything else, make sure you are not blocking the creativity in you when working remotely by yourself. Some of the ways that can grasp your attention and put you under stress are by having a slow internet connection, not having a designated space to work, and chaotic work environments. 

Make sure you are connected with the best internet, have space to work, and do not involve yourself in a home crisis during a work crisis. Apart from this here are some ways and techniques to unleash innovative ideas:

Think in Doodles

Sunni Brown, the author of the famous book The Doodle Revolution has just the best idea for you. According to the author, doodling is the secret to many creatives and designers and all the juice that flows in their brilliant minds.

This is the value of the practice. When you doodle, a lot of distractions around you fade away. At the moment to when you put your energy into doodling your mind completely focuses on that, and that only. The mind feels relaxed as your thoughts are into producing something creative yet soothing.

So the next time you are in a boring Zoom meeting, you know what to do.

Pump up the Music

Even while writing this piece down, there is a little dancing going on. Don’t mind a few letters here and there. We all know that sportspeople use a high volume of music to pump up their soul, but did you know that research claims that music is primarily essential for a creative burst?

So the next time you have a difficult task coming up or you have no energy to jump into the project at all, then just play some pump-up music, and you are good to go.

Take a Nap

The power of a good nap can not be underestimated. Having relaxation time is extremely important during work from home. You can relax your mind by watching your favorite TV show on a Spectrum TV Select or streams online.

But the most important remedy will always remain a good nap. As you take a good nap, your brain moves in phase between active alertness and a night of deep sleep. This slumber causes the ideas to flow freely in your mind. 

While you are writing from home there is a good chance of finding a comfortable sofa nearby. So next time when you feel the ideas are not coming up just have a good nap and let the juices flow through a good nod-off session. 

Creativity Is Within You

There are a lot of things you can do for clearing up the creative block during the remote working phase. 


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