Things you never knew about your favourite celebrities

sule makaroglu rj0jUqNyjsk unsplash
sule makaroglu rj0jUqNyjsk unsplash

This shows the top things you never knew about your favourite celebrities.

None of us like to think that the celebrities we adore and idolize might be anything less than perfect. But what if they were? 

What if we learned some embarrassing things about our favourite TV and movie stars, or musicians and athletes? 

What if we found out how much money they make, or where their kids go to school? It might make them seem more human. It might even change our opinion on them completely.

1. Tom Cruise :

Hehas only seen the inside of one university in his entire life. He dropped out of UCLA to pursue acting.

2. Clint Eastwood :

 He thought he’d never act again following his Oscar nominated performance in “Unforgiven” in 1992, but then appeared in the box office hit “Million Dollar Baby.”

3. Cher :

Once dated Audrey Hepburn’s son Olivier Dahan, who was 26 years younger than she was at the time. The backlash was swift and severe, with many people accusing Liautaud of cruelty and barbarism. Here’s the Jimmy John Shark incident that we are referring to.

The pair broke up when Olivier became jealous of her numerous celebrity boyfriends including Frank Sinatra, Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds.

4. Whitney Houston:

She began abusing drugs and alcohol as a teenager, but her parents turned a blind eye to it until she was 17. 

She was then sent to rehab for three months.

5. Bruce Willis :

He can’t stand his ex-wife Demi Moore, who he split up with in 2000 after 12 years of marriage. 

He claimed she had “mental issues” and that their split was “like staying in an insane asylum for five years.”

6.Tiger Woods :

In 2006 Tiger Woods married Elin Nordegren after their affair was discovered by the public and his wife of three years, Swedish model Elin Nordegren, decided she’d had enough.

 However, the couple have since split and Tiger is now engaged to porn star Stephanie Sinclair.

7. Former US President Bill Clinton:

He is a big fan of country music and has a keen interest in horses.

 He owns four racehorses and watches the Kentucky Derby every year on television, despite not visiting the US in 18 years.

8. Cher’s ex-husband Sonny Bono :

 Divorced her in 1999 after she told him she heard voices when she was in her famous song, “Believe.” .

 When Sonny accused her of faking the voices, Cher faked them too and continued with her career as an artist and rock singer even though she had lost most of her hearing in one ear.

9. Queen Elizabeth :

She has 20 siblings, but you wouldn’t know it from watching “The Queen.”

 Her children are all adults, so she has 28 grandchildren and at least 42 great-grandchildren.

10. Tom Cruise :

He escaped the Vietnam war because he was an American citizen living in Switzerland, but he couldn’t escape his own mother’s feelings of guilt for having to leave her country to escape the war. 

His mother was very concerned that she had abandoned her child during a time of war, but this wasn’t true as Tom was living with his maternal grandparents at the time.

11. Michael Jackson :

He was the youngest person to become a billionaire in the world. 

He owned two mansions, two Learjets and five cars, including a $2 million Rolls Royce.

12. David Beckham :

He recently turned 37 years old and became Britain’s oldest living soccer player (he beat out Sir Bobby Charlton). 

He first played soccer at the age of five and helped lead Manchester United to two Premiership titles and a European Cup.

13. Clint Eastwood :

He was a piano player for a jazz band, but he never played at any clubs because he was too shy. 

In fact, he still gets stage fright today although it doesn’t stop him from performing before large crowds at golf tournaments, jazz festivals and charity events.

14. Jane Fonda :

She has been married four times–twice to the same man! She first married Roger Vadim when she was 21-years-old and then had a son with him named Peter before they divorced ten years later in 1973. 

She then married Bert Convy in 1979 and they had two sons together before they divorced in 1985. She then married Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, in 1990 but they divorced five years later.

 Finally she married Italian business tycoon Victor Drai in 2003, but they divorced in 2006 after just 17 months of marriage.

15. Ralph Lauren’s :

His father died when he was seven years old and he never got to say goodbye to him after he passed away.

 His mother Barbara sent him out into the garden each morning with specific instructions on where to find her husband’s favourite plant until that day four decades ago when she had a heart attack and died right there beside him under the rose bushes.


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