Water Purifiers And Their Importance In Today’s World 

Water Purifiers
Water Purifiers

Water is the priceless gift has nature has gifted us, and it is the rarest element found in the whole universe. If any other planet water is present like ours, then be sure intelligent and sophisticated life like ours will also be there. So, water is the building block of life. Though two-thirds of our planet is water, potable or drinking water in just 4 percent of that. Rest all is the undrinkable salty ocean water. But with an increase in the human population and rising industrialization, greenhouse emission has increased. This has melted polar ice caps, which are the most significant source of fresh water. It also increased earth temperature, causing water scarcity in many parts of the world in the form of draught or sudden flood or hurricanes. Groundwater, which is another source of drinking water, is also becoming scarce. All of this has urged humans to develop new technologies to purify the available water resource and make it fit to drink. Even in some cases, recycle the same and reuse it. 

Various Types Of Water Purification

Water purifier and water softeners of all sorts have been developed in the past few years. They can be for large scale commercial production of Ro purified water, or household and office uses small RO purifiers. New technologies have emerged in these water purifiers like RO (reverse osmosis) and UV (ultraviolet) technologies to purify water and eliminate all harmful chemicals and pathogens. A healthy human body needs about 3 liters of water per day for drinking only. So, we either need to get it from government-provided tap water or groundwater resources. But these sources are not a hundred percent safe. To be sure that what we are drinking is secure, we nowadays need a water purifier system fitted with today’s RO, UV technologies. 

What Is Water Softening

The other challenge which we face with drinking water source is the hardness of the water. By hardness, we mean an abundance of iron, calcium, and magnesium. This means water does not dissolve other solvents and remain stiff. It is also not fit for drinking or any other industrial purposes. To counter this, we have a water softener. There are various methods to achieve this like softening through lime, ion exchange method using resin, using washing soda, using chelating agents like EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), or tetrasodium. The most prevalent among these used extensively in water purifiers is the RO or the reverse osmosis process. 

How To Decide Which Water Purifier To Buy

If, as a household buyer, you are planning to purchase a water purifier, then make sure that you do some research before that. First of you need to know the quality of water supplied top your household and which type of purifiers will fit the need. You can do that by asking your neighbors who are already using water purifiers or do some research on the internet. Once that is done, you need to decide your budget and based on that narrow down to a brand that meets all the needs and fits in the budget. 

Another essential thing that you should know is about the post-sales service experience. Because RO or RO-UV water purifiers are very service hungry products, it’s not a buy and forget type of product. Every year or two, you will have to change all the filter parts, and in a year two-three times, it needs maintenance and deep cleaning. Product service engineers can only do this. Thus, always go for a product which has goodwill for its after-sales service other than product quality. 


So, what we have learned from above is that water is essential for life, especially drinking water, and we should conserve it. But in today’s world to utilize whatever source of water we have, we should use water purifier systems extensively, especially with new modern technologies like Ro and UV, which not only soften the hard water and make it more usable. It also eliminates all harmful chemicals and pathogens from water to make it fit for drinking and other purposes. Also, we should buy always buy reliable and service-oriented brand water purifiers because we are dealing with our and our family’s health. No compromise should be made on that part.



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