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If you’re a Catholic and want to make sure you’ve got the latest information about important topics like birth control, abortion, and more, 

you should start with these five webapps. They cover different aspects of faith and wellness for people of all ages.

 The webapps range from those covering sin as a general topic to those 

that offer help in matters specific to small children or those wanting to raise them as Catholics.

Follow the Money: It’s no secret that the Catholic church is under a lot of financial pressure. 

If you want to see what’s going on at the highest level of the whole organization, 

check out this account of how new Vatican rules changed certain aspects of donations to Catholic charities, for example.

 But if you don’t have a strong interest in transparency and accountability, there are some other good links here on Catholics in Management. 

 The Child Safe Project: If you have an interest in pregnancy symptoms or symptoms that may signal dangerous pregnancies, 

this site provides excellent information about symptoms and causes of pregnancy symptoms and whether they indicate a dangerous pregnancy or not.  

  Catholic Answers to Difficult Questions: If you want to know what the Church really believes 

about birth control, abortion and euthanasia, this is an excellent site.

 Catholic Answers: Though the website says it’s for Catholics of all ages, 

adults will probably find some interesting material here that children may not.

 It’s a good site for basic information on sacraments and such topics as the rosary and prayer.

 Catholic Health Association: If you’re looking for help in finding a group offering help in finding 

a group offering help in finding treatment, this is your site. It’s a good source for information on Catholic health care.

 Catholic Answers: If you’re a Catholic with a sin problem, 

this is a good place to begin to find help from others who’ve been through similar issues. 

 The Rosary Stand: This site offers very practical advice on how to pray the rosary,

 with explanations of each prayer and what it means and why it’s important. It’s good for all ages of Catholics,

 but probably best suited to those who are new to the faith.

The Catholic Bible Study: This site isn’t specifically for Catholics,

 but it does offer some interesting insights into the Bible and how it relates to Catholicism.

 It’s particularly good if you’re just getting into the Bible because it offers some insights into the 

Trinity that are necessarily different from what people who are not Catholic are used to.

 The Rosary Army: If you want to do something for the Church but don’t know how, this is a great place to start.

 It’s a community dedicated to praying the rosary online every day, and 

all you have to do is say yes so that they can get your name on their list of people praying daily.

 Catholic Radio for Kids: If you’re looking for something that will cover Catholic basics for children, 

but nothing too technical, this is a great place to start.

 It’s child-friendly, but not afraid to get into some of the details of how to live out your beliefs in front of others.

 Pope Francis: The Pope recently announced the creation of a new Vatican Financial Authority that will oversee Vatican finances, 

protect them from corruption and make sure they are used effectively for charitable purposes. 

This site offers official information about the new authority, including what it means for ordinary Catholics looking to contribute to their church.

 Catholic Answers: This is an excellent site for Catholics who are interested in spreading the Gospel in non-traditional ways.

 It offers useful information on giving back to the poor, reaching out to those who are away from home, 

and helping people with special needs. It’s good for Catholics of all ages.

 Catholic Answers: If you’re looking for the latest news about the papacy, 

check out this site because you’ll probably find it here first. It’s an excellent source for Pope-centered news, 

but also offers some interesting information about other aspects of Catholic life as well.

  Catholic Answers: This is a good site to use if you want to know what the Church really 

thinks about anything that it may be asked about in an interview or open forum, like birth control or abortion or euthanasia.

 Catholic Answers: This site is also very good for this purpose,

 but it’s more specific to issues of morality and ethics within the Church.

 The Humane Society: This might seem like a strange place for a list about Catholic health issues, 

but there are many aspects of health and wellness that are best served by working out

 through religion and spirituality rather than working out physically . webapps.catholic health net


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