Jazz Dancing: A Peek Into Australia’s Jazz Culture

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Jazz classes are always full of new moves and fashion, reverberating throughout modern culture since its origins in the 1950s. Draping oneself with fashionable attire and jazz shoes, Australia’s best dancers have always shown profound interest in the popular jazz culture.  

History Of Jazz In Australia:

Although African American in origin, the history of jazz has had a wide impact worldwide, with many countries soon adopting its dances and moves according to them. Australia is no stranger to this transformation. Shortly after the year, jazz dances were prominent. These dances were performed in Australian clubs and dance halls after the emergence of jazz culture. Even today, Australia is famous for some of the best jazz festivals around the globe, where many jazz admirers flock every year. 

After the world war, jazz saw a huge spike in resurgence during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. During this period, a new breed of musicians came to the forefront, popular in jazz. 

Learning Jazz Dancing:

Jazz dance is all over the internet and television, music videos, adverts, campaigns and festivals, everywhere. But that’s because a majority of Australia’s population loves watching the dance and its graceful movements. Being energetic and inducing a fun atmosphere, it comes as no surprise that many of the population are enamoured by various forms of jazz dances. However, do consider these things to be a step ahead in excelling in the dance: 

  • Every dance has its unique way of dancing, and so, jazz Dancing helps the dancer portray their originality. But a common thing that expert dancers agree on is that people who want to excel in jazz Dancing must have a strong experience in ballet dances. This helps mimic the grace and enhances the ability to maintain balance during movements.
  • Dressing up for this particular dance is the next step. An attire that allows the dancer freedom to move but, at the same time, highlights the shape and firmness of their body are recommended. Baggy clothes are usually discouraged, and very tight pants can restrict movements. Jazz pants, leotards and other firm clothes are the most common apparel people prefer to wear. Along with the clothes, jazz shoes also require some serious consideration depending upon the dancer’s preference or the theme of the competition. 
  • Physical fitness and flexibility should be the utmost priority when performing or learning jazz. There are many moves, steps and other complicated movements that require the dancer to push their physical limits when needed constantly. Every jazz class is a session of pure energy with beats, steps and music. So keeping pace with all that will demand the dancers to be in their best shape. 

Besides dancing routines, jazz dances are incorporated into various fitness regimes of many Zumba classes and fitness clubs across Australia. Fitness coaches cite many benefits like enhancing muscle strength of the hips and legs, improving grace and poise in movements, promoting flexibility and increasing if, but to name a few. This will happen as the dance involves lighting fast moves and memorising many steps and activities, requiring the body to carry them out. With different types of jazz movements prominent in the country, it is undoubtedly reassuring to say that there has never been a better time to learn jazz!


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