The Dark Side of Wastewater Treatment Facility

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ivan bandura Ac97OqAWDvg unsplash

The dark side of a wastewater treatment facility is something not many people think about.

 On one hand, it’s a hub for the entire community in which clean water is being created and recycled.

 But there are also various drawbacks to this process, including sludgy sludge and odours from the plant. 

In order to help mitigate these issues, follow these steps that will help you conserve energy in your home.

This is the step-by-step process to effectively reduce energy costs and minimize energy use.

Step 1 – Timing is everything – In order to save money on your heating and cooling system,

 it’s best to time your indoor activities to coincide with the lowest price for hydro.

 If you live in a cold climate, set air conditioning units at daytimes between 9pm and 4am when the utility prices are at their lowest.

In order for this process to be effective you will want a computer that can boost your computer’s efficiency by running with a low voltage operating system. 

This will also help protect the health of your computer from potential damages by reducing power consumption.

Step 2 – Wash your hands! Avoid using the faucet while you wash your hands

This is because running water washes off the dirt on your hands, which then makes the water you’re using to wash completely unclean.

Step 3 – Use an energy saving tip! A great tip for energy saving is to turn off lights when not in use.

 Keep this in mind while at work or on vacation during low hydro time.

Step 4 -Use an energy saving tip again! Another effective way of lowering energy costs is to use a programmable thermostat.

 This programmable thermostat will allow you control the amount of heat or cold you want to receive during a certain period of time,

 making it easier to save energy on those hot summer months.

Step 5 – Turn down the heat! This is the most important thing you can do for your home to reduce heating costs. 

You can easily lower temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Celsius by simply lowering the thermostat setting on your furnace,

 air conditioner or heating system.

The best way to save money in winter months is to position your attic fans away from walls and 

instead place them in an area where it’s possible for warm air to be drawn into your home.

Step 6 – Use a programmable thermostat!

 A much more energy efficient way to regulate your house’s temperature is by using a programmable thermostat. 

This will allow you to set it to the time of day when the temperature is at its highest and lowest.what does the kanapaha wastewater treatment facility use to disinfect the treated water?

The only way to determine whether your water heater is cooling properly or not is to test it with a meter.

 The best thing about this process is that you don’t have to do extensive tests to determine if the problem exists.

 All you have to do is just look out for certain signs that your water heater may be damaged.

One of the easiest ways to discover a leak is if your water meter is running after you have already used up all the hot water in the household.

 In order to prevent this situation from happening, make sure your pipes are completely insulated and weatherproof.

The good thing about leak detection devices is that it makes it easy for you to detect leaks before they become big problems.

 You can purchase these devices at any department store for very affordable prices.

 Do not run unnecessary water! Using an energy saving tip like this will help lower your monthly utility bills, but remember not to waste water. 

Avoid running unnecessary amounts of taps like bathtubs or showers that waste millions of gallons of water every year.

Step 9 – If you live in a place that suffers from hot and cold weather, the last thing you want to do is run your water heater at full capacity.

 By limiting your hot water needs, you will help save energy as well as help prevent wasting so much water.

One of the most common ways of discovering leaks is by simply looking at the pressure on the meter 

after it has been running for an extended period of time.

 preferably on the outside wall so you can see whether or not there’s a leak on that side of your plumbing system.

Run your air conditioner in the early morning so you can take advantage of low hydro prices, 

while at the same time not making it too cold for you to handle.

Step 11 – If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, install one! 

A programmable thermostat is recommended for all households that want to reduce energy costs by up to 10%. 

As mentioned above, this will allow you to set it to temperatures when they’re high and low.

Step 12 – If you live in a place with hot summers but cold winters,

 do not leave your refrigerator running when it’s empty. 

This wastes energy because the appliance still needs electricity even if nothing is being cooled or frozen inside.


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