The History of Women’s Health

history of womens health
history of womens health

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An introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled, “The History of Women’s Health”, which will touch on the many pieces of information on women’s health that have come over time– including how they’ve changed and progressed with advancements in medicine, as well as anything current happenings or news related within the health industry.

This particular blog post will be completely information-based from start to finish, so you can learn exactly how female health has evolved over time by looking at how it was back in the day compared with now.

1. The History of Women’s Health

The overall idea of this blog post will be to discuss the history of women’s health from 2700 BC all the way up until today. This will help illustrate exactly how much has changed in regards to women’s health over time, particularly based on the various changes throughout time:

  • How women have used plants for certain medicinal purposes versus now.
  • Depression used to be a large problem throughout society, however it was addressed (or may be still being addressed) with modern medical treatments such as Prozac and other antidepressants that have helped women cope with depression more effectively.
  • During the 1700s, complications from childbirth were extremely high and life expectancy was much lower due to a lack of medical care. Nowadays, healthcare and medical programs are much more advanced so that pregnant women can have a happy (and healthy) baby and can live longer.
  • The role of women in society has been changing for centuries, which has also helped improve the overall health of women. Women can now take control over their own bodies, rather than being controlled by the government or religion, for example.Sexual health has changed dramatically over time as well.

2. The History of Women’s Health in 2700 BC

In 2700 BC, life was very difficult. For example, a woman was considered property and did not have many rights. There were also no laws that protected women from being abused by their husbands or other people who they came into contact with on a regular basis. The role of a woman in society revolved around having and raising children and taking care of her home.

3. The History of Women’s Health in 1600 BC

By 1600 BC, the Egyptian goddess Isis came into being and was used as a symbol to represent motherhood as well as fertility. In addition, the goddesses of fertility were also worshiped by many ancient civilizations. For example, in China and Greece, the goddess Hera was worshiped.

4. The History of Women’s Health in 100 BC

In 100 BC, Hippocrates began to write his medical treatise called “The Oath.” This was the first time that the concept of women getting oral contraceptives existed. They were referred to as “Pilata” in that time period and were made out of herbal plants or olive oil.

5. The History of Women’s Health in 600 AD

In 600 AD, acupuncture developed out of Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, in India, a woman named Agnodice was the first female physician. She disguised herself as a man so that she could become a doctor and make money. 

Around the same time period in China, Chang Eng was famous for being the first female herbalist. She also disguised herself as a man to pursue her interest in learning about herbal medicine and prevent being expected to get married and raise kids or have that be her main purpose in life.

6. The History of Women’s Health in 400 AD

In 400 AD, Roman woman Lucina was the first female physician to write a book about gynecology, which is known as “De Medicina”. The book helped women become more reproductive health-aware. 

Another breakthrough for women’s rights was when Plato wrote his Republic. He said that a woman should not be allowed to rule because of her gender, but he also believed in equality and the idea of women having equal rights.

7. The History of Women’s Health in 1500 AD

In 1500 AD, Dr. Female Medical Practice was born out of China and became famous for being one of the first female medical practitioners to write a book called “The Female Medical Practice”. In addition to this, a woman named Trota was known for performing one of the first successful C-sections. She was also able to survive after having a C-section for the very first time, which was quite an accomplishment back in that time period.


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