Top 8 Lessons About Guild War Factions

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At the heart of Guild Wars 2 is its competitive Player versus Player (PvP) system. It’s a place where players can express their skills outside of the PvE, and it’s a lot of fun to get into. For that reason, we wanted to compile the eight most important lessons about Guild War Factions you’ll need in order to thrive in this environment and try giuld wars wiki.

8 lessons which would have helped you:

1. Don’t be afraid to use Std. Attacks

When you first enter a Faction’s PvP areas, you might think you’re the only one who knows what they’re doing. You’ll be wrong – everyone seems to be able to do the same things that you can. That’s because of our design decision with Std. Attacks – instead of using a keyboard attack, it uses your mouse and simply attacks either left or right depending on which direction it is clicked in. 

That makes it incredibly easy for new players to understand and master this skill – simply click left or right (depending on your choice) on an enemy and then click the skill again for each mini-attack (hence the name).

2. Your enemies are not the same

In Guild Wars 2 there are no monsters – at least not the ones you’re familiar with. Instead, there are humanoid NPCs that play a more important part in your combat strategy. They have their own skill sets that they use to defeat you, and they’ll sometimes even use a different weapon type – such as a sword or a bow. 

This means that sometimes attacking a single enemy like we advised above will not work or doesn’t work well enough, because they might be too powerful and simply ignore you while they’re busy killing other players. 

Therefore it’s important to learn how to defeat enemies and figure out which type they are, so you can predict their skills and know what they’re doing. 

3. Learn how to dash

The Guild Wars 2 combat system is quite complicated, and one of the most important skills you need is Dash, a skill that allows you to go very quickly in combat. When you first start, you might find it difficult to move between all the dashes available, but don’t worry – there are many videos on YouTube with detailed explanations and guides on how exactly dash works. Even so, you will still make mistakes and sometimes fail to dash the right way. 

If you fail, don’t be frustrated – start from scratch and try again. If you still fail to make it work, live stream yourself training in Guild Wars 2.

4. Learn how to fight with a shield

It’s really important for your first time playing Guild Wars 2 that you learn how to fight with a shield, as it can help you survive much longer in combat (and later on too). 

When learning with a shield, first focus on your stance and then use the skills that activate your special abilities: Shield Bash (left mouse click) or Shield Parry (right mouse click). 

Soon enough, you’ll be able to fight without a shield and learn how to use other skills in combat. 

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5. Fight your opponents with Std Attacks

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to start fighting with other players in the game. Fortunately, Guild Wars 2 makes it very easy for you to figure out your opponent’s skill set and make sure you’re ready for them based on what skills they’re using. 

This is exactly what Std. Attacks do – it makes it easier for you to see which skills your opponent is likely to use in the future, making sure that you’ll have time to react in case they do. 

6. Practice and don’t play when sick

This lesson is quite obvious, but still important nonetheless: make sure you’re practicing during your free time and don’t go into the game when sick or tired. If you choose to do that, you’re more likely to fail your training and suffer unnecessary losses. 

The best answer to this kind of scenario is simple: if you’re sick, postpone your training until the next day. If not, go practice in the game and don’t give up on something that’s really important for your future success.

7. The key skills of each profession

The Guild Wars 2 PvP system itself is complex and confusing at times, but there are some skills which are very valuable for each profession in particular. 

For example, in Battle Mage’s case it is important to train the skill group that deals with energies, while Necromancer’s Fire skills are extremely important. 

It’s important to always look at your character’s abilities and make sure you always train those skills that matter most for that specific profession. It might seem difficult at first, but over time it will become easy and you’ll learn which professions have which skills. 

8. Avoid using same types of characters

If you’re a beginner in Guild Wars 2 PvP and you want to win, then it’s important to make a new character every time you play through the game and only use that character from now on. That’s because if you play with the same character you’ll know their skills really well and won’t struggle to gain the upper hand in combat. 

It’s of course better to make a new character each time if you want to win, but for beginners it might not make sense to do so, because it will take some time to get used to the game. In such a case, just use the same type of character every single time and keep training until you feel ready for players who aren’t using Std Attacks.


Guild Wars 2 has made it incredibly easy for new players to understand basic PvP tactics that can help them win at any level. There are different ways to use them and some might not be perfect, but they’ll get you off the ground in no time. 


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