Why shall I have to reach a doctor for my ED treatment?

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When you discover that you are facing ED, the first thing that you have done is to go to the internet and go through different blogs. From there you learned that there are different treatments of ED and ED is completely curable. Subsequently, you also learned that you need to go to the doctor. On some of the blogs, you have gone through the different names of the drugs like Cenforce 200 or Vidalista 60 and Fildena 100. So, a question is raised at your mind – when you are having the idea that what are the meds that can resolve your issue, what is the need to meet a doctor for the treatment of the same? In this blog, we will give you the most prompt answer to the same. 

The complication of the process

ED is where you are not having proper erection of your dick and you are incapable to go for the erotic actions. However, this is just the effect of what is going on inside your body. When you understand the thing that goes on inside your body regarding your erection, then you will understand that this is not something that can be treated on your own.  

First of all, the initiation takes place at your mind that observes the sensation that you are having. Understanding the sensation, the same is communicated to the brain of yours. The bran will start participating in the full process and gradually will be transmitting the process through the heart. Your heart will act fast and will dissipate more blood to the veins and to the penis. The penis gets raised eventually with that blood and makes you fit for the erotic action. Hence, you can understand well that the issue can be at any place in the process and for that, you will have to reach a doctor. 

Areas of anomalies

The anomaly can be at any of the points of the entire process. It can be at the brain of yours, which when bogged down with stress will not be recovering the message of the mind at all. It can be at the heart, which is feeble and is not able to pump faster. It can even be at the blood. Excess glucose and fat make the blood corpuscles heavier and that will hamper the pumping process of the heart. It can also be at the veins, where the excess sulfate and nicotine from your additions are blocking the passage of the blood transmission. Will you be able to understand the cause of the anomaly? Obviously not; and hence is the need to reach out to a doctor and get the service essentially. In some of the cases, you can be exposed to Cenforce 150, Vidalista 40, or other drugs like Fildena 150. But in some of the cases, you cannot have the meds by any means. 

Tests conducted by the doctor 

As you reach the doctor, he will gradually recommend you to go through different tests. He will suggest urine tests to judge the presence of sulfate and nicotine layers. If not found anything there, he will be suggesting a blood sample and will be testing the effect of glucose and cholesterol levels out there. If nothing is found there, then he can go for an ECG report or CT Scan, to understand the core and the source of the anomaly. From the trusts, he will come to the conclusion of the effect and then will be suggesting either the drugs like Cenforce 200 or Vidalista 60 or can even move on to some other therapies. If your heart condition or nerve condition is not found in good shape, drugs can be very much harmful to you. In such conditions, he will have to move on for a different solution altogether. 

So, it is not that you can treat your ED on your won all the time. You are not having an idea about the cause of your ED, although you have an idea about the effects of the same. Hence is the need of a doctor and it is essential to reach him, before being exposed to Fildena 100 for your ED treatment. 


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