Glashutte Original: History and Everything You Need to Know


A wristwatch is an essential accessory not just in telling time but also in improving your overall aura. And while you can face every day with just a single watch, you can play around with various fashion styles if you have a few. Owning multiple timepieces will allow you to pair your apparel with the most appropriate watch on any given day.

All aspiring watch collectors tend to choose timepieces from well-known brands. Rolex and Omega are the giant corporations in the watch industry. These brands instantly come into people’s minds when talking about luxury watch brands. However, they are not the only ones with timepieces worth having. Another brand with a rich heritage and high complexity is Glashutte  Original. It is one of the most competitive brands in German watchmaking. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, below is its history and some of its offered watches to buy for new collectors. 

Company history

Glashutte Original is one of the most prestigious watchmaking manufacturers in the world. It provides timepieces made from one-of-a-kind materials with impressive compilation and high precision. These are at par with a lot of great Swiss watchmakers. The company is a home for skilled and artistic watchmakers in the town of Glashutte. Nowadays, all of the components made by the company are in-house. It means that it does not source the components of its timepieces from other companies.

When was Glashutte Original founded?

Ferdinand Adolph Lange made the existence of Glashutte Original in 1845 by availing a loan from the Saxon government. He placed the company in the silver mining town of Germany, known as Glashutte. The watchmakers he hired were all residents from the said town. He helped them start their journey in the watchmaking industry, consequently contributing to the economic growth of the place. 

Hurdles and Milestones

After making award-winning timepieces, the town of Glashutte became the center for quality watchmaking in the country. But the success of the company did not end there. It widened its reach by creating timepieces available across Germany. Just like any other success story, Glashutte Original faced hurdles during the German war. Its watchmakers became a part of the Volkseigener Betrieb, a state-owned company even if it was against their will. They attained their autonomy again right after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The re-establishment of Glashutte Original happened in 1994. 

What are the core values of Glashutte Original?

No company can strive for greatness without putting its core values at the forefront of its daily operations. This is the reason why Glashutte Original stays relevant in the watchmaking industry. It has high regard for its brand values and continues to manifest them in its timepieces. 

  1. Excellence

The company does not produce wristwatches that do not meet the highest standards set by German watchmaking. The reliability and precision of its end-products are not like any other. Its watchmakers are always ready to take the extra mile to meet the company’s sense of excellence.

  1. Innovation 

The market for wristwatches is diverse. Some might want modern designs while others prefer traditional ones. In terms of complications, watch enthusiasts may want to have a few but others want to maintain the simplicity of the watch. The wide range of offerings of the company can satisfy the diverse needs of its buyers. It is possible because it invests extensively in research and innovation. As a result, they can always keep up with the changing environment of the watchmaking industry.

  1. Authenticity

Glashutte Original is not fond of copying other companies’ designs and ideas. The company takes authenticity to a higher level by providing an environment for its workers conducive to collaboration. All ideas, no matter how absurd, are welcome to create original timepieces.

  1. Exclusivity

The production life of the company’s offered wristwatches is often too short. It leads to a limited number of pieces for each model. Therefore, a person who owns a watch from this brand can feel a sense of exclusivity. Imagine the prestige and luxury that you might give off for wearing a rare yet impressive wristwatch.

  1. Tradition

The company takes pride in its rich history and expertise that is a product of over a century of experience. Even if it continuously provides innovative timepieces, it does not fail to incorporate the old tradition of watchmaking. 

Glashutte Original: Best Collections

  1. Glashutte Original Senator

This collection offers timepieces that can completely represent the rich history of the brand. All of the elements, from design to complications, have a traditional vibe. Under this collection is the Senator Excellence watch which is one of the most sought-after timepieces. It has a superior quality that proves the commitment of the company to excellence. It undergoes a rigorous process before it becomes available in the market. For this timepiece, the manufacturer subjected it to a 24-day testing period to know if it can withstand extreme conditions. The elegant look can captivate the heart of any watch collector. For instance, it has an extraordinary blue dial with a sunray effect, rounded moon display, and stainless steel buckle. Prepare 8 600 to 15 700 Euros when purchasing this wristwatch.

  1. Glashutte Original Vintage

This collection has wristwatches with combined classic and modern elements in their overall design. Under this collection is the Chronograph Panorama inspired from the watches in the 1970s. It has a gray dial that matches its gry strap. The watch has several complications, unlike the Glashutte Original Senator. It may contain a 40-minute display chronograph, seconds-sub dial, power reserve display, and a panorama date window.  Because of this, the most affordable timepiece from this series has a price tag of 10 600 Euros.

  1. Glashutte Original Pano

This collection is leaning towards more modern timepieces. It is for people who are eyeing watches with elements that suit today’s aesthetics. Under this collection is the PanoMatic Inverse watch. The positioning of its components is quite different. It has an eye-catching dial, a hand-engraved balance bridge, and blue screws. The dials have varying sizes. You will find the hour and minute hands at the small dial. While the manufacturer placed the second watch hands in an even smaller dial below it. It has a price tag of 8 882.60 Euros.

In a Nutshell

Glashutte Original manifests the core values of the company. Even though it constantly innovates its design, it never forgets to include elements to represent its rich heritage. Now is the time to start your watch collection journey by buying one from this brand.


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