The Rolex Explorer: Top 5 Models to Add to Your Watch Collection


Buying a luxury watch with more than a five-figure price tag is not easy. You will often find yourself having decision-making angst. It happens because you fear wasting your money and you want to get the best possible deal. However, severe fear and anxiety might lead to second-guessing your choices or not buying at all. What should you do? Well, focus on the watch that you love and have the quality that you prefer. For instance, if you enjoy mountaineering, you might want to consider Rolex Explorer watches. You will not regret buying it as it can withstand extreme conditions during your exploration. Besides that, the collection is also perfect for people who engage themselves in sports. Take a look at the pertinent information about Rolex Explorer watches below to help you decide if it is a good investment in 2021.

Rolex Explorer: Know the Basics

A lot of people associate Rolex Explorer as the watch worn by the famous Sir Edmund Hillary when he traversed Mt. Everest in 1953. But little did they know that Rolex Explorer did not even exist yet at that time. And Eduman Hillary did not wear a Rolex watch but his climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay did. Norgay made it possible for a Rolex to reach the highest point in the world. The company released Rolex Explorer later that same year. 

It took Rolex 20 years of research before the Rolex Explorer became the watch that it is today. The company studies extreme conditions and makes a watch that can withstand all of them. It created this collection to release the ultimate mountaineer’s tool watch that can survive under varying conditions.  

Nowadays, the design of the Rolex Explorer has become more versatile. You can now use it for casual to formal events. The company incorporated white gold markings and a 3-6-9 dial to improve the collection’s overall appearance and functionality.

Rolex Explorer Models Over the Years

  1. Rolex Explorer 6350 and 6150

These models are the first watches under the collection. The company released them to take advantage of its popularity caused by mountaineering in Mt. Everest. People can easily recognize these watches. It is through their 3-6-9 Arabic numeral layout and the use of the term explorer on the dial. They have a robust steel case measuring 36 mm. To ensure that users can easily read the time, the company used luminous paint on the hands and indices of the timepieces. 

The Arabic numeral layout became the trademark of Rolex Explorer. It came to a point that people refer to all watches that use the same kind of layout as Explorer dials. That is how remarkable its design has become.

  1. Rolex Explorer Ref 6610

Since Rolex commits itself to provide new and improved timepieces, it released Rolex Explorer in 1956. Some people considered it as the true explorer. It is also a certified chronometer with a slimmer case than the earlier models. It was more comfortable than the Ref 6350 and 6150 because it was free from a bubble back. 

The company focused on increasing its aesthetic appeal by making its background glossy, hand painting its second-hand white, and using gilt print. It is difficult to find this model in the watch industry because its production life was too short. Since there are a limited number of Ref 6610, its price is undeniably expensive. 

  1. Rolex Explorer Ref 1016

Rolex Explorer Ref 1016 entered the market in 1963. Its production life continued over 2 decades. The design of the model was leaning towards the vintage classification different from the previous models. Compared to Ref 6610, it has a more elongated hand. Moreover, it does not have a poisonous radium dial but tritium illuminated one. As the years passed by, its glossy black dial turned into matte while the gilt print became a crisp white font. 

As the general rule of thumb states, the older versions of a watch have greater value than the newer ones. So for Ref1016, expect that the watches made in the late 70s and 80s are more expensive. Choose from the earlier models if you plan to buy a Ref 1016 but you have a limited budget.

  1. Rolex Explorer Ref 14270

Rolex decided to stop the production of Rolex Ref 1016 after 26 years and subsequently introduced Rolex Explorer Ref 14270. This model contains more upgrades compared to the previous models. Instead of using acrylic crystal, it has sapphire glass. And it contains a glossy dial again with white gold framed indices.

In the 1990s, the dials of Ref 14270 became super luminova different from the previous tritium. The company made these changes to innovate the style of the watch to better match the needs of its users. 

  1. Rolex Explorer ref 214270

Rolex Explorer Ref 214270 does not possess the trademark of an Explorer watch. Its case measures 39 mm instead of the usual 36 mm. The change was necessary because, at that time, people wanted a larger watch. However, nowadays, this case size is no longer patronized by a lot of watch enthusiasts. But if you prefer a larger case, then this one’s for you. 

A paramagnetic blue color dominated the overall appearance of the watch.    Just like the older models, it has a self-winding caliber and it is a certified superlative chronometer. It means that it offers impressive precision. You can usually find a watch from this model from authorized retailers. But since its popularity is increasing, expect it to have a competitive price. 

In a Nutshell

You now know the basic information about Rolex Explorer as well as the different models under it. The way the company made modifications over the years is very impressive. Truly, research and innovation are their guiding principles in creating timepieces. Not all luxury brands can do it instantly. At this point, it might dawn on you that any of the Rolex Explorer mentioned above is worthy of your hard-earned money. Rest assured that they are all suitable for any type of occasion. What are you waiting for? Head over to Rolex’s official website and check out the Rolex Explorer model that caught your attention the most.


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